my 954 rebuild thread

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by lost cause, May 16, 2013.

  1. I got everything back from paint have just been slackin tryin to find front blinkers I like what a pita need to figure out the exhaust as well
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  2. A GP style exhaust would look SICK! Would help keep the under tail and SSS looking clean.

  3. agreed been looking at these shortys made by a company called Coffman seem to be legit an decently priced any other suggestions ?
  4. Look at the various models made for some of the newer R6, GSXR 600, ZX6 or 1000RR and fab one on. I have a leo vince on my gsxr, Akrapovic on my 1000RR, ryan has a graves on his zx6. They all look awesome. The tough part will be finding one with the finish and design to match your build.

    Taylormade had a pretty sweet concept for the 07-08 GSXR 1k's: I don't know about their quality but they nailed the look.
  5. 11836804_1532471103666191_7672800683114068065_n.jpg

    big thanks to everyone who's made this thing possible, I couldn't be happier got me grinning ear to ear
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  6. big fan of the SSSA conversion, nice job!