Mtn Biking/Road Cycling meetups

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  1. Was wondering if anyone on here cycles? Wayne (BikerLibre) and I meet frequently to mtn bike during the week around 330, if anyone would like to join. Im looking for someone to road bike with. I would say I am so-so. I usually go on weekend down cartright, dry creek, Hill Rd area. I did a Bogus run a few weeks ago and plan on another as soon as we get a sunny Sat/Sun and I am not tied up with the family. I am also signed up for the 4 summit challenge in July so could def use a training partner. If anyone on here is planning a ride and would like a riding partner please post it up.

  2. I ride mountain bikes. I usually do highlands trail or camelsback.

  3. I ride mtn and road.
  4. Wayne and I are meeting up today at 330 at Hulls Gulch if anyone is interested
  5. What road loops do you usually do?
  6. Where is highlands?
  7. I live in the Northend so short rides I usually do in that area, so Dump Loop, Bogus, Table Rock, Out to Lucky Peak. I may also ride Hill Rd to Eagle, then to the end of Eagle Rd.

    Mtn I usually stick to starting at Camelsback or Military reserve.

    I work M-F 8-5pm, so I won't be able to make 3:30 rides.
  8. At the end of hearthstone after turning off braemere. Starts with what for me is a relatively tough climb then either turns into an easier climb onto Urban connector, which dumps you out onto bobs, or goes down into what is the highlands trail. Lot's of climbing either way. At least for me who is new to mtb riding. Got a 29" Motobecane hard tail.
  9. Let me know if you want to get together sometime and ride. I would like to do a ride to Idaho City here within the next couple months. I usually ride my road bike on the weekends as I have more time.
  10. Yeah! Will do. The hardest part of riding to Idaho City is getting to Lucky Peak, after that it's easy. If time is an issue sometimes I'll drive to Robie Creek & ride to IC from there. It's flat enough to be a pretty quick ride & cooler than riding in town during summer.
  11. Are you doing the 4 Summit?
  12. I just got into it back in Nov and needless to say im pretty hooked.
  13. Not sure if I will this year, I usually do, but it will depend on the track/racing schedule.
  14. I ride strictly mountain. I have a HT 29er and an all-mountain 26er. I can possibly sneak out for 3:30 rides on Mondays and Fridays.
  15. Shoot IDAHDOO a PM Josh, that guy logs more pedal miles than I rack up on my work truck! Check him out, twintipphatty on the Tube.
  16. Oh yea.. mtb,road and cx !
    I live right by the bike park in Eagle. Quicker to get to Avimore than Camels back.
    7 miles, 5 min and hardly any people.
    Ride almost everyday. Work from home and can head out almost anytime.
    My wife rides a lot too if your girls are into riding also.

    Shoot me a pm and lets ride !
    Doing the dump loop today with a newbie.
    Thinking 3-4ish.

  17. Today won't work. But I'll be free tomorrow morning til around 11 then free after 2ish. I would like to get my roaD work in. Idk where I will ride tomorrow always open to new routes. I generally like to get at least 30-40 miles in at a min.

    I'm Def down for getting together. My wife rides somewhat and the my 7 year old has a decent mtn bike for his age.
  18. Riding out to Simplot for a 9a soccer game. Out and back 40+
    Then have lots to do to get ready for Easter Sunday...grr...