Moving to Boise any lot riders out here?

Discussion in 'Stunting' started by Bigben954, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. I'll be in Boise in a month I got transferred here. I've been a lot and show rider since 08. I'm actually here right now with a new lot bike I haven't gotten to ride yet. I haven't seen any decent lots to ride yet. I operate 5280 fuel cells out of my garage, building custom stunt tanks. I've built dozens of steel frames over the last few years. Been around the stunt scene for over a decade now. I look forward to meeting some of you locals. Feel free to hit me up, or let me m ow where there might be a local bike night to meet some people.

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  2. Welcome Ben! There are actually quite a few stunters on the site, if they still log in. But plenty of guys that know of guys and places to play. Congrats on the move, where from Illinois?

  3. I am coming from Denver, I grew up in Illinois. Is there any bike nights or anything?
  4. I think the next one is Aug 13th at Cycle Gear. Snake River Yamaha puts some on, and High Desert Harley Davidson, as well as Birds of Prey Motorsports puts on some. Maybe someone else will chime in with more specifics.
  5. Thanks buddy! I'm gonna wonder around tonight and try to find a legit lot to ride in. I appreciate it!
  6. I hit up a couple people to see if they would throw out their 2 cents on some possibly good spots to play.
  7. welcome ben sounds like you need directions to sc for sum stunt time. looks like your rockin a 954 I have two myself and a parts for days
  8. I have since retired the 954 lot bike, 8 years of shows and she is tired. Got an f4i lot bike now. And yes some directions would be awesome!
  9. Let me know if you find a place. I'm no lot rider but I can do a 10cm wheelie lol.
  10. Hey man, last I know we always rode on weekends at Birds of Prey in Caldwell. It's hard to find lots here because people call the cops all the time.
  11. Rock on, I'll find a spot! Just takes time and patience. I close on my house in nampa the 18th. Once I get setup I'll let all the local guys know. I worked power sports for many years before making the jump to aviation maintenance. I have a full shop. Lift, parts cleaner, everything minus a tire machine. Sold my last one when I moved to storage. Have another soon. I do anything and everything at 1/2 price of a dealer.
  12. Ben! You all moved in yet? It's mike your old key lime kangaroo pilot.
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  13. Yea! I'm all setup! Hit me up Saturday! We gotta get a beer.
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  14. Hey im sean I'm new to the site and still sqidly, im moving to Boise from Moho in December and am looking to practice without getting a ticket
  15. I rarely get on this site bro. My nanes Eric aka Murdoc and myself and the homies stunt off executive now. It's a good lot. Hmu. 208-600-7036
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