Motorcyclists may finally get a break at red lights.

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    It looks like they're finally trying to make it fully legal for motoryclists to run a red light (after stopping fully initially) when the sensors aren't picking us up:

    I've always understood that it was generally accepted that you could ride through a light if you've waited out a light cycle or two and its become apparent that your bike is never going to trip the sensor.
    Having an actual law on the books isn't just about being allowed to run a red light that refuses to change. The law will offer motorcyclists additional legal protection because law enforcement officers won't be handing out tickets to riders who didn't want to wait 15 minutes at a light hoping a car would come along to trip the sensor. Motorcyclists also gain some legal protection in terms of accident liability when you consider that if you run a light (regardless of how long you've been waiting) and someone speeds through the intersection in their car or truck and hits you, its legally your fault.
  2. It will be interesting to see how this plays out

  3. I will tell you how it plays out. I stop, I run the red light. And some jack ass in a crown victoria runs over me... Before i die i realize it was a bald fatty without a license.
  4. Us on street bikes dont get seen as it. Now us running red lights only makes it worse. BUT, i do it alot! i mean, i'll stop and check out traffic and obviously go when its clear. ive talked to many BPD and most of them said that they woudn't do anything bout us running the light as long as it was legit. but again, if a cop was in a bad mood and didnt get his doughnuts...then ya they could give us a ticket......if they could catch us :finger: jk

    but all for all, im hoping that this will play out in our favor.
  5. I roll through lights all the time in Meridian over by Snake River Yamaha. None of the fricken lights over there work for motorcycles.

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    I thought I'd give this a bump :bump: for some of the newer members to see.

    I use this about once a week when a light hoses me!
  7. i pretty much just treat all the damn turn signal lights as a 4 way stop sign......approach...all clear.....screw this shite I am going......especially If I know the stupid light should have changed for me anyway.....Its not as if we motorcylists are asking for special privilages.........maybe just some damn street light equipment that is a little more......THIS CENTURY!
  8. This law has already passed, after a light cycles once and it is clear, we can go if it is at one of those special controlled intersections....I have done it!
  9. Just a word of advice: The wording on this is a little hinky and the ISP has never made a statement as to how they intend to enforce it--which means that because the wording is a little wierd it can be interpeted differently by different agencies.

    Idaho STAR Instructors are told EXPRESSLY not try to interpet this law and to tell students to check with thier local police departments as to what constitutes proper use.

    Bottom line: odds are good you can, if stuck at a light for a cycle or two, with reasonable care run the light. HOWEVER Johnny Law still might make your life difficult.

    I searched and can't find the law on this but remember it being vague...If someone can find the exact wording that would be great!
  10. I think it's quite clear actually:

    Idaho Motorcycle Manual (pg 22)



    Traffic Control Signals

    Due to their size, motorcycles do not always trigger traffic control signals when
    approaching an intersection. Effective July 1, 2006, the law has been amended
    to allow a motorcycle rider, after coming to a complete stop, to proceed with
    caution through a red light at an intersection?however, you may only do so if
    the signal fails to operate after you wait through one complete cycle of that
    traffic signal, and you must yield to any traffic in or approaching the

    This law change does not provide a defense for violations of traffic laws under
    Section 49-801, Idaho Code (Obedience to and required traffic control devices).
    Motorcycle riders must still obey traffic signals when the traffic control signal
    device can be triggered by the size of motorcycle they are operating, or if the
    intersection in question does not have a signal triggered by a vehicle detection

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Idaho Code
    TITLE 49


    - - - - - - - - - -

    However, the actual Idaho Code that addresses it (and that was modified during the 2006 sesssion) can be found in Idaho Statute 49-802 (below.) It's interesting that the Manual does not reference this section as well:



    RS 15825

    Relating to traffic-control signal legend; amending Section 49-
    802, Idaho Code, to provide a condition under which the driver of
    a motorcycle may proceed through a steady red traffic-control
    signal after coming to a full and complete stop at the
    intersection, to specify when such action is not a defense to a
    violation of the law and to make technical corrections.

    Bill DRAFT (with changes highlighted -- good place to see what they changed in 2006, old and new language.)


    (e) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the driver of a
    26 motorcycle approaching an intersection that is controlled by a triggered
    27 traffic-control signal using a vehicle detection device that is inopera-
    28 tive due to the size of the motorcycle, shall come to a full and complete
    29 stop at the intersection. If the signal fails to operate after one cycle
    30 of the traffic signal, the driver may proceed after exercising due caution
    31 and care. It is not a defense to a violation of section 49-801, Idaho
    32 Code, that the driver of a motorcycle proceeded under the belief that a
    33 traffic-control signal used a vehicle detection device or was inoperative
    34 due to the size of the motorcycle when such signal did not use a vehicle
    35 detection device or that any such device was not in fact inoperative due
    36 to the size of the motorcycle.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    TITLE 49

  11. Hmmm... however, you may only do so if
    the signal fails to operate after you wait through one complete cycle of that
    traffic signal,

    So, what happens if the light doesn't cycle. On my way to work daily, There is a light that will not change for me, and in the wee morning hours, there are no cars to trigger it through a cycle. So i usually just stop and go. I imagine (as it's been stated already) the actual interpretation of this is all going to be whatever the cop decides.
  12. It's the 'due caution and care' that is the murky part.... :dunno: I think as long as you're not bolting out trying to play frogger your gonna be OK. Don't quote me on it to Officer Bob...

    Wee hours, no traffic---due caution? Probably, but I'm not a cop.
  13. Ummm How can the light go through a complete cycle....if it just satys green in one direction the whole time??? :dunno:
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    And that's part that I've always been confused about. Most lights will cycle directions even with no traffic at all. You'd still be screwed if there was a lot of East/West traffic and nothing (except you) going North/South.
    Its the left turn arrows that will usually screw me over when on a bike and that's where I get the most use out of this law.
  15. Sounds like most laws, even our aviation laws(regs). They are worded in a way that you can take them in different ways. :banghead:

    I still treat the lights like a 4way stop but with a little more attention.

    I was told once by a ISP this once, if ur trying to turn left at an intersection and the light isnt changing, and u know it never changes for you, then take a right instead and do a U turn and continue on your way or just don't take that route(lame). So if u do get pulled over and they say that to you, better have a good reason :dblthumb:
  16. Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left?
  17. No, but - X - = + so maybe lol..
  18. :nutkick: The only light i hate is on meridian kuna road that light stays red for everyone and when it is green it lets maybe two cars through, God forbid a deasel try to go :wtf: through then know one gets a turn....If any lights are to be ran it should be that one ran into the ground AAAAAWWWWWWWWW :banghead:
  19. I had a STARS instructor tell our class about this law last summer. He said it was just an Ada county law though. Just goes to show, always look things up for yourself.

    Most of the intersections that don't detect use the metal detector loops in the road. Since modern sport bikes usually have very little ferrous metal they get missed a lot. I use a couple hard drive magnets epoxied to my lower fairings and they seem to work pretty good. I have heard cow magnets work well too, but any strong magnet would do the trick.
  20. Hmmm.... I would be willing to try that if it kept me from havin to wait at :censored: lights!!!