Motorcyclist dies in crash with SUV

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    Sad, sad, sad!

    A woman died Sunday after crashing her motorcycle into a sport utility vehicle in Nampa.

    The woman, whose named has not been released, pulled out of a parking lot and struck the northbound SUV on 12th Avenue near East Hawaii Lane. The crash happened at 11:15 a.m. The woman was taken to an unspecified Boise hospital where she died at 4 p.m.

    The initial investigation shows the motorcycle was exiting a parking lot on the west side of the road and attempting to go south when she was struck in the northbound lane, Nampa police said.

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    Sunday was not a good day. A similar incident occurred in Utah.,1249,645198433,00.html

    WEST JORDAN ? A man died Saturday after his motorcycle collided with a Suburban.
    The motorcyclist, 28, was driving south on Redwood Road near 9100 South at approximately 5 p.m. when a Suburban made a left turn into the RC Willey parking lot without yielding to the motorcycle, West Jordan Police Lt. Dean Waters said.
    The motorcycle slammed into the right rear of the SUV, and the 28-year-old sustained major head injuries as well as multiple internal injuries, Waters said. The man was wearing a helmet and full protective gear.
    "He was dressed appropriately, but unfortunately on this particular case it didn't help him," Waters said.
    Waters said police do not believe excessive speeds or drugs or alcohol were involved. The Suburban's driver, 70, will likely be cited with failure to yield the right of way, Waters said.
  3. Man that's really sad.

    Does anyone else find themselves dropping their speed by about 5Mph or so when there's a left turner ahead? I usually do these days. There are just too many distractions for cagers these days.

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    Damn, that sucks on both accidents.

    Yes, I tend to drop the speed slightly, but don't want someone behind me to ding me. I tend to cover the brakes and watch the car and my escape route closely. I have had a car come into my lane during a left turn when I was going 50mph. It stopped halfway into my lane (I was using that half) and I was able to swerve around it (by 6 inches). Scared the crap out of me.
  5. I was rear ended by a Toyota Land Cuiser 2 years ago. It wasn't fun.

  6. I just had a girl cut me off 2 days ago, I mean I had to slam the breaks cut me off, I pulled around to her passager side window to give her the "are you looking at me" sign and she never did look at me.. she just drove off. I miss the video game "road rash" lol.. chains, clubs, crow bars, ummmm what else..

    any ways people we all know this, but keep that third eye open.....
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    Here's another one from today's paper (9/6)....

    Police investigate fatal motorcycle accident overnight on Boise's Connector

    A motorcyclist is dead after an accident on the Connector early this morning.

    Ada County dispatchers received a call about the accident at about 12:45 a.m. this morning.

    The accident involved just the motorcycle and happened on the westbound Connector just west of 13th Street.

    No further details were available this morning.
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    Wow, it is NOT a good week.

  9. HAHA!! I remember that game. Used to be one of my favorites. I was partial to the crowbar or cattle prod!! :shoot
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    Here's the latest news (with name released):