Motorcycles get additional parking in downtown Boise.

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    Parking spaces added for two-wheeled vehicles
    statesman staff
    Edition Date: 07-06-2006

    Two-wheeled motorized vehicles have some new parking spots as of Wednesday.

    In response to requests by residents, the city divided two normal on-street parking spaces into five new stalls for scooters and motorcycles.

    "Folks who ride scooters and motorcycles asked us for better parking options and we wanted to be responsive to their needs," said Boise Mayor David Bieter. "Boise isn't just a bike-friendly city, it's a two-wheeler-friendly city so this makes sense."

    The new spots are at the southwest corner of 8th and Bannock Streets, across the street from the Hoff building and 509 Main Street, in front of Pacific Subs.

    Both locations offer free, one-hour parking. The new spaces are part of a trial program that will be evaluated Sept. 1.
  2. Tanman

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    Sounds like a good place to park for the Social D concert next week.

  3. Would've been nicer to put the spaces at 8th and Idaho... like across the street from Shaker's... and only two spaces? ::) c'mon...
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    Too bad it was sold out two weeks ago when I decided to buy a ticket a week and a half ago!! :banghead: :banghead:
  5. Tanman

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    :soap: looks like I might be going alone to this gig unless anyone else here is planning on going. I have a feeling like they won't be holding jackets and helmets for us so I might have to take the cage. Either way I'm definately not missing this concert.