Motorcycle accidents up in Ada County (Statesman article)

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    Motorcycle accidents up in Ada

    Patrick Orr
    Idaho Statesman
    The Idaho Statesman | Edition Date: 09-13-2006

    A 40-year-old Boise man whose motorcycle collided with a car on Veterans Memorial Parkway Monday was the ninth person to die in an Ada County motorcycle accident so far this year, Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg said Tuesday.

    Keith Elmer Howard was wearing a helmet but sustained massive chest trauma and was pronounced dead at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center about a half-hour after the crash, Sonnenberg said.

    The coroner said he is in the midst of compiling a report on motorcycle deaths, and his initial impression is that this is the most fatal motorcycle accidents Ada County has had in one year. Eleven motorcycle deaths have been listed in Ada County so far in 2006, he said, but that includes two people who died in Ada County hospitals from injuries suffered in Canyon County crashes.

    Sonnenberg hopes his completed report might offer answers about why fatal motorcycle accidents appear to be on the rise in Ada County. Statistics for previous years were not available Tuesday.

    Howard's motorcycle hit a compact sedan after it pulled in front of him on the parkway at 3:40 p.m. Monday, according to coroner's reports.

    The driver of the sedan was not seriously injured, according to reports.

    The cause of the accident is still under investigation and no citations had been issued by Tuesday, Garden City Det. Tom Patterson said.
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    It's definatley been a bad year for motorcycle related accidents. The nine cases reported in the article were only the deaths, there were plenty more accidents out there. If memory serves me, it was pretty much split between sport bikes and cruisers and also split between rdier error and other driver error as the cause of the accidents.
    We need to be careful out there folks!

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    Motorcycle accidents are on the rise because the population is on the rise. I bet car accidents are on the rise too. Simple math, more people=more accidents.
  4. Thats a good point
  5. Not to mention the fact that per capita, motorcycle usage is up... therefore more riders => more accidents. It's all a game of numbers. There was a story on the news last night (Channel 7) that the NHTSA is opening an investigation into the "230% increase in number of motorcycle fatalities" of riders aged 40 and older... Let's see, anyone remember what the whole "baby boomer" thing was? Surprisingly enough, with that much of a swell of population fitting into that category, you're going to notice quite a few record highs. That combined with the exploding popularity of motorcycles (helped out by the stratospheric rise in gas prices) would be enough to make those kinds of numbers make a little more sense. Take into account that maybe 15-20% of the entire population actually has the skills to ride relatively safely, and it becomes clearer why Darwinism has such an effect in the motorcycle community. (Almost)Any idiot can go out and get a driver's license, turn the steering wheel, mash the brake and gas pedals... etc. I know people who have trouble chewing gum and walking at the same time... How much more skill and attention to details does it take to ride a motorcycle? And we're surprised that the numbers of motorcycle accidents and fatalities are higher than last year? :soap: :rant: Sorry bout the rant... Just felt it needed to be said...