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  1. What is this place? Do they sell accessories and tools?
  2. is it a online store? if so do you have a URL?

  3. I think pesticide know about that place.
  4. Tanman

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    It's on the corner of Meridian Rd and Fairview next to Subway. It's a dirtbike store but the carry street tires and anything else you want they will order for you. They have some of the best prices in town and Andy is awesome to work with.
  5. Yea, cool guys. They should read this and let me off for breaking thier chain tool. =D
  6. Oh thats where i am supposed to borrow the tool i thought it was moto tech...i will use you as a refrance and they will throw me out lol.
  7. Andy, the owner of Moto One is a total badass!!! He will work with prices on you like no one else will!!!

    They are actually now a site sponsor for so head down there or call and tell them you are a member at (you have to sign up though please) And Andy will hook you up. His prices are better than anywhere else in town and even better than that, his prices beat online prices almost all the time! Thats why we picked his to be our sponsor!
  8. WOW. You pick your sponsors? Just pick em eh?
  9. Tanman

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    I second the notion that Andy is awesome and his prices are great. The only drawback is everything has to be ordered and nothing but tires are in stock.