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  1. Since I like to gossip, I figured I'd pass on the latest MotoGP rumors:

    1. Gary McCoy will race the last two races this season on the new 800cc British Ilmor.
    2. Nicky Hayden will be moving to Yamaha next year. Supposedly Rossi has given his approval and Hayden's salary will double.

    I love a good rumor! Post yours.
  2. What is a British Ilmor? A new brand of bike or manufacturer?

  3. Dont see Honda letting Hayden go!!
  4. There have been rumors that Hayden is unhappy there, and Honda has a history of alienating their champions (e.g. Rossi, Carmichel). Most people believe that Honda is building their future around Pedrosa, not Hayden.
  5. I am a much bigger Pedrosa fan than Hayden but I dont know that I would sacrifice one for the other
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    I too like Pedrosa over Hayden but don't see Honda just letting Hayden go. There is a bit of a bidding war going on right now I'm sure but Honda isn't just rolling over and Rossi isn't just inviting Hayden over.
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    Hayden has resigned with Honda for another two years!!!!

  8. Good news for Honda. I think they were wise to hang on to him.

    Now the question is: what is Yamaha going to do about Edwards?
  9. New rumor:

    If Capirossi is mathematically unable to win the championship at Estoril, he will race the new 800cc bike.
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    I would absolutely LOVE to see that!!

    Why the hell not anyway? That's like Duahmel riding for the first time with traction control during the Mid-Ohio Superbike race. If you can't win the championship and the rider is already signed (read not looking to impress anyone) the race data is DEFINATELY worth not getting on the podium.
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    I'm looking forward to Biaggi racing with Corona Suzuki next year in WSBK. The guy is fast and his mouth is loud.
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    I'm very much looking forward to seeing it.

    Man, Sete has got to be PISSED. That guy has some crap luck.
  13. I've heard the same about McCoy, but havent heard anything about yamaha and hayden.
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    Ryan, good to see you back on here. I'm looking forward to hitting the track again with you in the Spring and maybe hitting some dirt before then!
  15. The latest rumor I've heard is that Andrew Pitt might ride for Ilmor.
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    I have no idea who that is.

    I'm still a newb even in WATCHING races.