MotoGP: Portugal - SPOILER

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by RideMaster, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Airs on SpeedTV at 10:30am MST
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    Re: MotoGP: Portugal

    HOLY HELL!!!

    Did anyone watch the GP today? I couldn't frickin' believe it! I don't want to put out any spoilers in case someone recorded it but hasn't watch yet but it just absolutely floored me.

    It didn't take a parabolic mic to pick up a few of the words being shouted out there, you could clearly see his lips moving.

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    I watched it, of course. I'm not really surprised with the outcome, but since this thread isn't marked as a spoiler, I'll keep my mouth shut.
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    It has a spoiler label now......


    I can't believe Pedrosa crashed.
    I can't believe Hayden crashed.
    I can't believe Pedrosa crashed into Hayden and took him out!!

    On the plus side, Elias had a FANTASTIC race. As he said in the post-race interview, he was riding above 100% (probably the reason he let Rossi get back in front at one point) but he's just gonna continue to get better. I don't expect him to rack up too many wins next year but a couple would be cool. Assuming he has a ride next year.

    Team KR continues to impress!! This was the finish I've expected from KR since the beginning of the season. Those guys were really behind on development compared to the other teams but they are REALLY pulling it together. I wish I knew what motor plans they had for next year because with them starting fairly even (as even as you can expect with the giant budget differences) to everyone else, its gonna be a GREAT season.
  5. Yeah I was a little dissapointed but at least rossi did not win, so it is not over yet.
  6. Little bastard

    I would like to see what happened back at the pits! Sure, Dani boy is a racer, but DAMM! He only had 23 laps left to try and pass HIS TEAM MATE!!! The next two years at Repsol Honda are going to be un-friendly if Nicky loses. :cussing

    I was thinking, just thinking, not expecting, that Rossi would finish 3rd on purpose. Rossi being the competitor that he is dont want to win "that way". So Rossi taking second does not supprise me. Not taking anything away from Toni, he was great.
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  8. wow good find on that article dave. Lets hope they can pull it off at the next race.
  9. I've always said that chances are that any given rider will have at least one DNF a season. Rossi has already had his bad luck this season; unfortunately, Hayden gets his dose right at the end. If Rossi doesn't win the championship, I'd like to see Hayden win, but I still think that Rossi is the better rider.
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    Agreed. If Rossi had an early season that was even decent, it wouldn't be close right now.
    I'm not a Rossi fan though (call me anti-bandwagon). I actually like Pedrosa better than Hayden but it would be sweet for an American to win.
  11. Still a big fan of Hayden. Tuff call here.
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    Here's a treat from one of the Utah guys:
  13. Thats a great picture.
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    Nice "motivational" poster! I have not watched the race yet...Have it on DVR, but have not had time to watch it..

    After following Hayden a bit and seeing him win at Laguna Seca 05, I am a big fan. Yes, Rossi is an excellent rider, but there are other talents out there and Hayden (and Pedrosa) are hot on his heels.
  15. it was an awesome race start to fin.
  16. Honestly, I thought the racing was a little dull, except for Elias.

    Did anybody else see World SBK race #2 at Magny Cours? Now that was a race! It was probably my favorite race of the year.
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    What about Kenny Roberts?

    Poor guy got all confused or he and Elias would have had 1st and 2nd (who know which order) and Rossi would have been back in third.

    And all the crashing at the beginning from non-Repsol riders?

    Looking at the track layout, I've gotta say I'm a BIG fan of Estoril. I've now got a goal in life.