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    MotoGP to air on ABC network

    Thursday July 13th 2006

    In a landmark moment for the sport, MotoGP will be
    broadcast on network television across the United States this summer after
    an agreement was reached between ABC and MotoGP?s commercial rights-holders
    Dorna Sports.

    The deal will see the 2006 Red Bull US Grand Prix at Mazda
    Raceway Laguna Seca broadcast during an hour-long programme on July 30th at
    1-2pm ET and 3-4pm PT. The show will include not only the coverage of one of
    the most thrilling races of the season, but exciting features, news and
    interviews of one of the most spectacular sporting events to take place on
    American soil.

    The programme is an important step for MotoGP which
    continues to expand its network of broadcasts to worldwide audiences.
    Currently MotoGP reaches 207 countries, with 184 of those in live or same
    day delayed format. An average of 142 million spectators see the live/SDD
    broadcasts, with a total average audience per GP of 311 million viewers.

    ?We are happy to have the 2006 Red Bull US Grand Prix on
    ABC,? said Tag Garson, Sr. Director of Programming and Acquisitions. ?It is
    an exciting event, which takes place at one of racing?s most renowned
    venues, and showcases some terrific action.?

    Dorna Sports? Managing Director, Manel Arroyo added, ?It
    is great news for the sport to be broadcast across the United States on
    network television. Working alongside a prestigious network such as ABC will
    certainly help us achieve our objective of bringing MotoGP to the attention
    of a more mainstream audience.?

    MotoGP is the world?s premier motorcycle championship,
    featuring the best racers on the planet riding multi-million dollar,
    prototype machines that can reach speeds in excess of 200mph. MotoGP takes
    its glamorous circus to all corners of the globe. The machines produce more
    than 240 horsepower and weigh in at just 325lb (148kg), demanding the
    ultimate in riding skill, which is personified by the likes of Valentino
    Rossi and American contenders Nicky Hayden, John Hopkins, Colin Edwards and
    Kenny Roberts Jr.

    For the first time since 1994 MotoGP returned to the U.S.
    last year, with over 157,000 fans enjoying the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix
    throughout the weekend at the legendary Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit in

    Helping to make the deal possible between the two parties
    was Van Wagner Sports Group, who will coordinate production matters with ABC
    and will work as Dorna's US TV ad-sales agent.
  2. Ummmm,......whoohoo?

    ABC has tried to strech out to a more worldly type audience, I mean they did air the world cup sometimes, but well I just hope they do a decent job of it.

    If they could get the commentators from europe, who are familiar with the whole scene that would be cool.

  3. Yeah, last year's commentators for Laguna Seca (on The Speed Channel) were lame. Even though he's a little dry, I enjoyed Kevin Schwantz's guest appearance this year. He has some very interesting insights.
  4. The best part is I can watch it on my big ass DLP in HD. that is going to rock