MotoGP in Italy *spoiler*

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  1. I would agree that Rossi is due for a win but if it werent for bad luck he wouldnt have any at all right now so it would be hard to pick him as the winner! Though if I had a fantasy race team he wouldnt definently be on it!

  2. Tanman

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    I believe Hayden is still the points leader (Hayden > Rossi). :welcome:
  3. Right, hes just been slower than Rossi in EVERY RACE since his frame issues were resolved. :neener:
  4. Hayden is tied for first, rossi is in 5th
  5. If Rossi can win the next 7 races (11 left for the season) he will take the lead and that is assuming either Capirossi or Hayden get second in every race, if they swap back and forth he could lead in what... 4 races? The next 4 races are some of Rossi's strongest, followed by USA.

    Im loving this season so far. We need more races like last weekend!
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    I want to see Rossi loose the championship this year. It would be cool to see an American win it but I don't necessarily care if its Hayden.

    I do like the point system because it rewards consistency which says more about a rider his team than an individual win could ever say.
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    Yeah I agree that it would be nice to see an american win the championship and I think Hayden has the best chance. Edwards, Hopkins and Roberts won't even finish in the top 5 overall standings when it's all said and done.

  8. Hayden isnt a good representitive of America though... did you see his little dance when he won at laguna seca? Shameless. I base my opinion of riders on thier ability to speak thier native tounge among other things like ability to ride, passion for riding, love for the fans and ability to dance, or not dance preferably.
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    I see you aren't a Hayden fan for the same reason I'm not.

    Edwards and Hopkins each have better personalities for interviews and don't sound like complete rednecks. I haven't heard much from Roberts but I guess you've gotta race a little better to get the press.