MotoGP Coverage on SpeedTV SUCKS!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, May 20, 2006.

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    Has anyone else noticed that coverage of the MotoGP races on SpeedTV sucks?

    I just watch the Shanghai race that I had recorded and noticed that there's a trend of the announcers following a position battle and then they cut to a commercial. When they come back from commercial, they've completely skipped over the pass. Sometimes they even skip over a rider moving up two places.
    I can understand them not making a big deal of the back markers getting a two position pass but they make a big deal about Rossi's advance and then don't even show him get two riders?

    Its not like they're doing live coverage and HAVE to cut away for a commercial. They filmed the whole damn race and aired it later!! Why can't they cut to commercial and then come back to where they left off? :devil:
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    I forgot to mention, I'm not a Rossi fan. I'm not annoyed because they didn't cover my favorite rider 100% of the time. I'm annoyed because they make a big deal out of something and talk about it for a while then just cut to commercial and don't bother to even mention what happened after they built it up so much!

  3. That can be frustrating but until one of the major networks picks it up (which we both know will never happen!) we will just have to be thankful that at least speed is covering the season however poorly
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    That's true. I'm glad we get at least some coverage.

    The AMA coverage certainly isn't perfect either but is MUCH better than the MotoGP coverage.
    They follow the riders better, they keep you updated on position battles mid-field, they don't skip over major event quite so much.
  5. yeah they have always sucked when it came to the races, but I do think that one day Moto GP will be covered by a major network, its just going to take awhile
  6. Eurosport on satellite, I don't have it but thats my wish