MotoGP: Australian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by RideMaster, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Airs on SpeedTV at 2pm MST
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    Holy crap was Phillip Island insane today!! The rain really changed things around for everyone. Hayden was doing absolutely terrible to start with and is damn lucky everyone had to change bikes for the rain. I haven't heard much yet on Hayden's challenge that Rossi made a pass under a yellow flag but it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  3. poor pedrosa he sure had a ruff time. The doctor way to make up all that time and pass on the Last Lap. Truely a good race!!!!
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    I missed the first lap, how did Hayden go from pole to 16th?
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    In after race interviews, he said that his tire selection pretty much sucked. The front end of his bike was washing out and he couldn't do crap with it. Once his tires warmed up a bit, he was making slow progress (moved up to 12th before changing to the rain bike I believe) but he admnitted he wouldn't have done well at all.
  6. Damn I forgot to set the DVR. details????
  7. Rossi wasn't penalized for the pass on Stoner because Stoner re-passed him.
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    More info on the debate regarding Rossi's pass under yellow during the race.

    Rossi's a lucky man who's gonna get away with it. If Rossi ends up winning the championship (he is closing the gap), this is gonna become a MUCH bigger deal than it already is.
  9. Nice!! I do love a good contreversy!
  10. Personally, it reminds me of the Sete/Honda v. Rossi incident in Qatar. If Rossi actually cheated, I agree that he should be penalized, but I think Honda is just trying to aggravate him. Hayden didn't seem to be too worried about the whole thing.

    Actually, I hope they do end up penalizing Rossi. We all saw what happened when he was moved to the back of the grid in Qatar--he went on a mission to annihilate Honda and Sete.
  11. :banghead:Wow that really sucks for Hayden!

    Rossi is amazing dont get me wrong :hail:, but I am tired of seeing him win, we need some new guys up there! Hopefully this desn't affect the overall series!

    This reminds me of basically the same type of incident as just happened with Oklahoma and Oregon! OU got fucked, even after the replay, but since the game is over, there is nothing they can do!