MONDAY TUESDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rides' started by jedoubblese, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. so i have mondays and tuesdays off and a new back tire to scrubb in a bit more so if you want to ride
    JESSE 703-9161
    after 12:30 2morrow
    anytime tuesday!!
    my house is right in downtown eagle so its a great place to start rides from and end up at for a fatty barb q etc.
  2. Hozhead

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    I'll be working during the day but would love a ride in the late afternoon / evening. Monday is booked for me but Tuesday is possible. Where do you want to ride to?

  3. just a nice easy ride maybe idaho city or head out to mcall thats a great ride to do just call me and let me know im more than willing to ride just about anywhere.
  4. So this is monday and the weather looks like crap.... ...crapppppp
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    Indeed, the weather does look like crap. I worked from home a bit this morning so that I wouldn't have to ride to work in the rain. Things were looking good until I opened my garage door and noticed that the dark clouds were moving TOWARD the clear sky instead of away.
    I drove my truck so its guaranteed to not rain until I drive home and want to ride somewhere.
  6. Well damn the sun is out now, I love/ hate this state.

    My yard needs to be mowed, my bike washed, my house cleaned, my cars in for oil changes, the laundry need done, bills sent out, but I am gearing up to go f off for a couple hours.... ;D
  7. nice to see someone else with the same priorities i have :dblthumb:
  8. Who's on for tonite/ afternoon???

    I am gonna try and meet up with another SV guy to go out towards either ID city or lowman after 5pm.
  9. my house meet at 4:30 5 ish me and one other rider are going probably idaho city i want to see lucky peak dumping out as well
    334 kestrel eagle idaho 83616
  10. Hozhead

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    I'm quite interested.
    With the information that XLR8 just posted up today, I'm not really looking to go all the way to Lowman just yet but a casual (yeah, you read the right) ride to Idaho City would be good. I still need to make an easy ride to Bogus and might do that tonight depending on what time I get done with work in relation to the time of your planned ride.
  11. Hozhead

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    Riding to Eagle is rather counter productive for me when it comes to riding toward Lucky Peak / Idaho City.
    If I'm available by 4:30 or 5:00, I'll give you a call so that we can meet up somewhere in the general direction of Highway 21.
  12. OK I live off broadway if anyone wants to meet up on this side of town.

    Pick a place

    Carls jr
    the gas station on warm springs rd
    what ever????
  13. BTW i won't be avail till 5:30 or so, My other SV rider doesn't get off untill 5
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    Ooh! We could ride warm springs out to Highway 21 and to Lucky Peak and beyond from there. I'll get on the phone and see what I can set up.
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    Lets meet at the gas station on Warm Springs / Broadway at 5:30. We can take Warm Springs and ride out from there. If the road is good and we've got wrist control we can head all the way to Idaho City.