Mileage So Far?

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    Just curious what kind of mileage everyone is putting on their bike.

    I've been riding now for about about a year and four months and have racked up 11,000 miles which isn't bad considering that I don't get to ride nearly as much as I want to. I can't remember if I'm at 4,000 or 5,000 so far this summer but I know there will be another 3,000 miles before fall as my trips will start increasing in length.
  2. I've put in about 6000 since May on the FJR1300 doing some longer multi day trips. I just got back from blasting though Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana. It was hot but it was fun.

    Here are some pics

    Hey I can't remember if I posted these but these are from the trip Durka Turka and I went on.

    I only have about 2000 on the GSX-R however, except for commuting (it's a good commuter) and a few trips on the FJR with the wife I should be riding the GSX-R more for the rest of the season.


  3. 2800 miles on the RC-51 since June, over 12,000 on the '98 Superhawk before that, and a contributing factor in the 30,000+ on a '96 GSX-R750... funny how you don't realize just how much you ride until you start adding it up...
  4. i am pushing 1200 on my new 600rr. guess I need to ride more.
  5. 3000. I have had my bike since febuary. I will put on another 1200 this weekend. I am riding down to Colorado for a wedding. I would have more but I was in Europe last month :flipa . There were bikes everywhere, even more scooters, especially in Italy.
  6. I have had mine since the 1st week of may 06 and now it has 6559 as of the horseshoe bend run today
  7. 21,742 miles as of today when I got home from work. That FZ1 of mine sure is a good riding bike. I ride and ride and it is still comfie and still hauls ass in the tight stuff......

    The FZ1 is WAY under rated as far as power and especialy handling.

    Its kinda cool when you can say :finger: to riders that think my FZ1 is a touring bike BEFORE we go out for a ride.
  8. Them FZ1s are touring bikes aren't they? ;D

  9. Bought My Bike June 22 2006 with 2676 miles and now have 4700 miles as of today its my first and only bike.
  10. Got my bike at the begin of may 2006 and have put about 4980 miles on it... :squid: its been a busy summer not as much riding as id like..
  11. sense i bought it i have put twelve thousand miles on my r6. mainly cuz i commute from middleton almost every day sense february. notice i put the miles i have put on in words not numbers so no one thinks i just hit the zero key one to many times.
  12. as of today while its in the shop for a week :mad: its at 5083 :banghead:
  13. i now have 9212 miles on her
  14. I have put all 12,500 on my bike since April 03. ( I do not ride in town when I get on its cause we are going for a ride) I did however commute my 900rr for a while and racked up 36,000 on that pig before getting rid of it!
  15. I just rolled 5k... not sure exactly where it's at (I don't even bother looking at it, don't really want to know...)
  16. Since the beginning of the year... I have put just about 6k