Met another rider last night.

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by Hozhead, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Last night, GR8Dane and I met another rider in our subdivision. He's living on the same street too. I'm not sure what it is about our neighborhood but it seems to be a sportbike magnet. This guy rides an '02 YZF-600R that should be out of the shop soon after some woman backed into it in her van :eek:wned:
  2. another YZF 600R huh did he just move here we will have to bring him along

  3. That's me! My name is Colin. Hey guys...Hozer, I'm new to your block and I finally got my bike back (600r). I've been riding around the last week, but it's damn cold. Hopefully it'll warm up soon so my hands won't freeze. I believe my house is in between both of yours so we should see each other fairly often. I'm looking forward to riding with ya'll.
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    Welcome to the site, Colin.

    GR8Dane is actually the one who lives on the other side of you. AlxandrthGr8 is his older brother (lives about a 1/2 mile away in the same subdivision).

    The cold weather does suck!! I was out of town all weekend and then hoped to ride to work today but was extremely disappointed to see snow on the ground. I could have ridden on the mildly icey roads but its the idiots driving around with no clue that make it more dangerous and not worth the risk. I rode a few miles tonight just to test the suspension settings though and that was at least a little bit refreshing.
  5. Dave are you cheating on me... Colin now your in trouble...
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    No comment, ya weirdo!