Maintainence day ...or....

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  1. Who wants to help me install my new pipe. ;D

    No really a maintainence day would be kinda of fun , get the group together work on some projects, tell lies, eat ..... whatever

    Who doesn't want their chain tightened by hozer??? :dblthumb:

    well thats my thought for the day...
  2. Hozhead

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    If I'm around this weekend, I'd love to help. I'm supposed to be going to my wife's class reunion Friday - Sunday but the way work has gone this week, I may not be going after all.

  3. Congrats on the new pipe! Did you get a full system? Aluminum or carbon fiber? Details man!
  4. Well I got a GPR high mount, fuax carbon fibre (stainless + a coating). The others sold out quickly as the sale was posted on SVrider so alot of prople ordered at the same time.

    I tried for the carbon fibre, but ended up getting this one.

    I hope I can find a way to mount the passenger pegs if I want to. otherwise a new tail or cowl might be in the works ::)

    I wanted the high mount anyway, I love the way they look
  5. Looks awesome (plus it's Italian). BTW, the bike in the link you posted has passenger pegs.
  6. Thats a 2nd gen, 1st is aleged to be different. But a little bending here and some spacers there may help
  7. Oh yeah and it was 60% off the price listed ;D
  8. Nice!

    BTW, did KancerKid tell you that my wife bought his bike?
  9. NO!!!, I saw you two up the other day on the duc,.... Jeff never posted it, and I was gonna call him to ride somewhere , anywhere next tuesday too :slap:

    I liked that black naked .... So is she gonna go riding with us???
  10. Hopefully. She hasn't been on a bike for many years, so we are both doing MSF in two weekends and California Superbike School in late Sept. I also need to put new tires on it and shave the seat for her.

    Back on topic: she will be interested in your new pipe. She's already talking about louder exhaust.

    Want to borrow the sawzall? :devil:
  11. That is a nice looking pipe, I might be able to lend a hand if you want to come out to my place. I am not a mechanic but I did put my own pipe on my bike.
  12. Well I have a delivery date of Tues the 18th, so there are a few days to go....

    Who here has rejetted their own carbs??, because thats the next step to making 70 hp :dblthumb:

    I am getting some tank spacers, and thinking about messing with the air filter, but thats all gonna wait till after I get this pipe on.
  13. Putting a jet kit in is quite easy. I have a Dynojet kit in my f3. Thats a good time sync your carbs to. If you need any help let me know.
  14. Thanks for the offer, I will be taking you up on that soon....

    Tuesday can't come fast enough
  15. OK, got the pipe.... The good news, no cutting....came with the part that bolts to the exhaust header.

    The bad news, I can do the first part, but there is a BIG bag o' parts and I don't know what they are all for :dunno:
  16. So have you found a day thats gonna b a maintance day or are you able to install it yourself. Reason i'm askin is cuz i have some but not a lot of knowledge on messing with bikes. My old CBR, I pretty much took everything that you can take off with out taking the engine out. I like finding out how things work and stuff, and well, i put it back together and it ran the same if not better.

    But my new bike (GSXR) has a very and i mean very small oil leak :cry: and i want to pin point where its coming from. So we all meet up, i'll check it out while we're messing with your exhaust.
  17. I am trying it now....I'll post when I get to the fun/hard stuff... :banghead:
  18. Done!!!! (I hope :dunno:)

    Initial impression,...loud...almost too loud :devil3: no more stealthy stock for me ;D

    so anyway next time I get to ride with the guys, someone needs to check it for me,.... I still have a bunch of parts, but damn if I know what they're for.

    Btw seat of the pants says a few more ponies, and a slight hesitationwhen I get on it.

    Pics to follow tomorrow
  19. A smidge lean on the bottom?
  20. [​IMG]


    I need to cut and trim my passenger peg and get some spavers to get it back on, but overall I am enjoying it.

    (I have to be a little quiet in my neiborhood now :angel:)