Lowman - Tuesday, Aug 29 - Evening [official thread]

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Since we've talked about this in two unrelated threads, I figured its best to start an official thread for everyone else to read.

    There will be a ride from Boise to Lowman and back (through Idaho City) on Tuesday night, August 29th. We'll meet at the Albertsons on Gowen & Federal Way (near the fuel pumps) at 6:30 pm and should be back by 10:00 pm. We'll still have sunlight for all of the good riding across the summit, in case you are wondering.

    I love do the ride between Idaho City and Lowman and a fast pace but that should not deter anyone from coming on the ride. We try to find a pace that is good for everyone in the group and we split into sub groups if necessary (one fast, one slow) and then meet up in the same spot(s) or kinda go in spurts of quick riding and then waiting up for the others.
  2. I'm in. I confirmed with the boss (see fiancee) and I'm all clear. Hoz- I stood Sean up from ISB a little while ago, so I'll post up in their group ride section and see if we can get some takers from there too.

  3. Hmmm, hmmmm, have I ever mentioned I have a deer phobia?

    I may show if I don't get scared and turn into a pussy. ;D

  4. HHMMM, I would like to go, but I do have a 10 page business proposal to write and is dew wednesday. So I will not know until last minute
  5. Ill Be there.My Fianc? is worried about deer but I tell her theres only one headlight so its not Much for a deer to look At. Ill Have to Most definitely Fuel Up. See yaas at 6:30
  6. Magic 8-ball says "all signs point to yes"

    Woohooo.....now no freaking speeding.......

  7. Yeah... I'll be slapping on my clear visor for the ride home.
  8. Hozhead

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    Good call.
    My dark smoke visor is pretty good in town at night but definately not good out on the road at night. Now I get to use my spare visor sleeve!!!
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    I had thought about doing this ride, but several things have come up. I also have deer phobia to top it off.

    I did check IDOT's page and it is not showing any construction or incidents on that route. Also NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center) is showing a fire about 10 miles on the other side of Lowman. It might be smokey in some places on the way. Watch for slow moving fire fighting vehicles in that area.

    Have a great ride!
  10. Too many bad deer vibes from last year.

    If I can make it, I might stop by the launch point on my way home from work and meet you guys though. ;)

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    Hey, it is 10:30....are you guys back yet? Update us on the ride...
  12. I'm back ,.... those other guys had farther to go

    It was fun, road is much better than Ridin bogus,....it's been a while since I took the bike up that way,...(like last year ::))
  13. It was a fun ride. It was good to meet Kwood and SV. I even saw 1ce going the other direction as he was coming home from work. 1ce, I think your helmet glows in the dark!!
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    I had a great time and it was very good to meet Kwood as well as XLR8 (though he didn't join us on the ride).
    The two deer that AlxandrTheGr8 and I saw as well as the rocks on the road caused me to slow down a bit though we were still going faster than we really should. Damn fun though!!

    The ride back in the dark was actually much nicer than I expected. Seeing the stars and cresent moon as you look up through the trees makes for great scenery!! If only my bike's headlight aimed higher so that, when turning, it still shined on the road ahead all would be right with the world.

    I'll post up the pictures tomorrow afternoon.
  15. Cool! Sounds like it was a good time. :dblthumb:

    Good to meet everyone. I came home, was lazy, and watched the rest of the F1 race in Turkey. I really need to wash the bikes but I'm just going to get em all buggy again so why bother right?

    When everyone recovers from the latest adventures to the track we should see if we could drum up some interest in a Challis run. I need to get some new rubber though and I'm thinking Metzler M3s.

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    Glad you guys had a great run.. sorry now that I did not go with you (on the CBR..the Ascot would have done me in. My thumb was numb by the time I got home!.

    I will make a ride with you all some time!

    Don't listen to XLR8, he wants us to do a 500 mile day j/k...

  17. 500 mile day........ :pigsfly:
  18. 500 isn't that bad. I have done a 700 and an 800 on an sv650. My buddy was riding a TL1000 with me on one of them. We did haul ass though which shortens the trip.
  19. I did an 800+ this year, but not again. ......until next year :bomb:
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    I'll definately be up for the Challis run.
    As for the M3's, I'm running them right now and they seem to be a very good tire. I won't have a full review until its time to replace them and I can compare the mileage to the Pilot Power's that I just took off about 1,000 miles ago.
    So far, so good, however. The first use of these tires was on the track and they really held well. Turn in is smooth and predictable but I think I prefer the quicker initial turn in of the Pilot Power.