Lowman - Saturday - Sept 16 - 10:30am

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    Hey everyone - Ben and I were just chatting and are anxious to hit the streets again so here's the schedule:

    Lowman loop (full loop this time).
    Meeting at 10:30am @ the Chevron on the corner of Beacon Light Rd and Highway 55.

    We'll head up through Horseshoe Bend and then over to Lowman through Garden Valley. The return will take us over the mountain to Idaho City and back to Boise.

  2. I would like to go not sure if I will have time though

  3. Depending on if I work (which I dont think i do) count me in. And if i wake up....
  4. Ill Be Going If i get My Bike Fixed friday day. ??? :dunno: :beatit: :beatit: :beatit: I took It Off just so I can Hopefully Ride this weekend :beatit: :beatit: :beatit:
  5. Im there and I will try to get M2M founder to come along.
  6. Full loop eh? Count me in.
  7. i want to go, ill keep you posted.

    I hope I do not get anther tic.
  8. I want to see if I can make this. Usually Saturday is cycling day with the wifey and Sunday is my riding day. I'll see if I can switch it around. I'm going to go look at my tires now. I think I can get one more ride on them.

    But first I need to wash the bike (only washed it once since April) and adjust the chain.

  9. Sad news for me...just found out i've got thursday off, which means that theres 99% chance i work saturday :cussing
  10. I'll be there... sportin' my new BOISERIDERS windshield decals...
  11. Tanman

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    Just an FYI, I checked the weather for Saturday and it's supposed to be a high of 63 here in the valley with a low of 34. Also a possibility of rain. Lowman is showing a high of 55. Dress warm.
  12. That's what we like to hear!!
  13. I love it when my balls stick to the frosty fuel tank, I feel so much safer dragging knee knowing im not gonna fall off.............. :devil1:
  14. Hozhead

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    :laughing: :plunge:
    Not to say your riding style is wrong because there is no one perfect style but, most of us wear pants when we ride. Just a thought.
  15. yea... i'll show up

    ... just looked at weather.com: it says high of 56 and low of 24 w/ rain/snow in the morning
    haha that's gonna be fun

    guess I won't wear my shorts and flip flops
  16. Awesome! It'll be good to meet you. I just checked out weather.com for Idaho City and it said partly cloudy/mostly sunny H 54/L29?!?! WTF! Its changed like 5 times since I saw it this morning. Either way, it should be a good ride.
  17. Im gonna have to rain check this one between BSU game Boise Open Passes and wedding I will be tied up all day
  18. Hozhead

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    I'm a real man so I'll still be there for the ride.
  19. Real man huh!! Real men dont meet other men on the internet to hang out with :flipa