Lowman Ride on Saturday 23rd

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Tanman, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Tanman

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    Saturday is supposed to be fantastic weather so I'm headed for a ride to Lowman if anyone is interested in comming. I think 10:30 is a good time to meet so we have time to get a little sleep and still have time to be with the family when we get back. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Hozhead

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    I'm down with the clown!!

  3. :cussing my store has no coverage so that leaves me, I love that ride except when I almost run out of gas. You guys have fun, im going to try to get someone from another store in here. Maybe I will be able to make it. If not have fun guys.
  4. If my bikes ready by then i'll b there.
  5. Hozhead

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    3 questions:
    1) where the hell do you work?
    2) why doesn't anyone else actually WORK there?
    3) How often are you going to change your username? :bomb:
  6. Ahh... I'm out of town this weekend, or else I'd go. I had a blast on the last ride.

    Hoz: glad to see another Don Darko fan!
  7. I might be able to... it depends on if I have to help my sister and brother-in-law move. I should know a little later.
  8. :slap2: Hoz I manage a Nextel store, I have only changed my name once and I have 3 employees right now 1 part time, one full time but always sick or playing ball.Plays on a base ball team and they are always going around the country. And one that starts trainning next week. So that leaves me the :bs:. I have to deal with it alot. But I love my job an I dont know alot of people who can say that.
  9. Hozhead

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    Okay, I'm 100% in for Saturday but I have to be back by 2:30 pm at the very latest so I can't do too much bumming around. Are we gonna do the full loop or just the Idaho City / Lowman section?
  10. Tanman

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    I'm not sure which is quicker and I'm flexible either way but I was thinking of starting off at 10:30am @ the Chevron on the corner of Beacon Light Rd and Highway 55.
  11. Hozhead

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    Its my personal believe that just going to Lowman and back via Idaho City without doing the full loop is a bit quicker (and more fun!!) but I did rather enjoy the full loop last weekend (the scenery is good) so I'm definately still down with doing the full loop.
    I'll be there a few minutes before 10:30 and hopefully we can get going fairly close to that time.
  12. Tanman

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    We can do it in 4 hours no problem as long as we don't take long breaks. It's going to be fun and I'm feeling the cold weather comming so it's good to get the rides in before it's too late.
  13. So the final plan is to do the full loop? Meeting at Chevron on Hwy 55 and Beacon at 10:30? I'm in either way.
  14. Hozhead

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    Yep, that's the plan.

    I'd like to do a morning ride to Idaho City soon as well. Not just any ride though, I want to take my wife along with me and grab some breakfast in Idaho City then come back to Boise. I'm trying to get her more into motorcycles so that she's more tolerant of my obsession.
  15. Tanman

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    Wow, now that's some hardcore dedication.
  16. GREAT NEWS!!!! Bikes ready and NICKS GOING DOWN :devil1: THIS TIME!!! jk

    But i'll b picking the bike up around 10 and meet u guys at the gas station at 10:30. They got the 4000 mile maintance done but havent fixd the leak. Anyways i'll b there!
  17. Hozhead

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    Right on man!!

    And, I don't have to be back at 2:30 now because we sold my wife's car tonight (had someone coming to see it tomorrow).
  18. Sweet! Glad you got your bike back.

    Now this whole thing about taking me out... I thought you were like that with Karl. :eek:wned:
  19. CBRF2Old

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    Nick, your cat pretty much shares my feeling about that last comment. :flipa

    1ce, glad you got your bike back in time for todays ride! Wish I could be there to see you spank Nick. :rofl:

    You can just leave that comment alone Nick....but I am sure you (or someone else) won't. :banghead:
  20. Oh the gayness :slap:
    I'm just glad Kevin's finally out on another ride...

    a ride that's not with Karl :eek:wned:
    :laughing: ... okay, now I'm done with the gay jokes.