Lowman on Saturday - July 15th

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    I'll probably do Lowman on Saturday morning (July 15th).

    I'm thinking I'd like to leave Boise @ between 8:00am and 8:30am but I'll be flexible to accomodate others.

  2. That was a quality question :withstupid:

    I may be able to go on this one if I can get my ass up. I work till 3 am tonite :cussing
  3. Hozhead

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    I'd like to meet @ the Flying J on Overland & Cole initially.
    If we've got East end riders (not to be confused with rear end riders) we can do a second meet @ Albertsons on Federal Way & Highway 21.

    Meeting time will, of course, depend on the availability of other riders.

    My favorite route is to ride to Lowman through Idaho City and then come back the same way because I very much love the mountain twisties. I'm willing to do the full loop though if we can keep the speed in check because I can't afford a ticket.
  4. You control the speed..... :squid:

    I don't need a ticket either :angel:
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    I'm also considering joining up on the Hell's Canyon ride that duckillr posted on the other site:

  6. Anybody here still planning on doing a Lowman run in the morning? Me and another rider (Rug) from the ISB site are planning on a 8am- or 9am-ish run. We just need to be back in town around 1 or so.
  7. Hozhead

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    I've made my final decision. -> LOWMAN. There & back via Idaho City without the Garden Valley section.

    I'll be @ the Albertsons on Federal Way & Highway 21 @ 9am for those who'd like to join me. Riding to Lowman and back is a 3 hour ride from my house and with chit chat along the way so we'll be back by noon, especially considering that my house is further out than the Albertsons.

    1ce, I hope that falls in with your need to be back @ noon.
    Nick & Rug, we'll definately have time to spare for you guys.
    SVbmudssa, can you make it as well?
    AGr8, you down? If so, we can leave from our neighborhood about 8:40
  8. Not happening for me,... :mad:

    Appearently honeydo's are calling my name. i've been :eek:wned:
  9. Good riding with you Hoz. We made it back without incident. Hope you didn't ge mad we went home via Banks. Corners aren't as tight as the Idaho City way... but we didn't have any traffic at all. Good times, look forward to going again. :dblthumb:
  10. Hozhead

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    Well, that went well.
    There were four of us: Nick, Rug, ????, and myself.
    I turned around in Lowman and crossed the summit again while the other three continued on through Garden Valley. I wanted to be back a little earlier and wanted to keep top speed a bit lower to avoid the :police:

    I slammed into 2nd instead of 4th on the way to Idaho City because I'm not used to the GP shift yet but otherwise, it was all good mechanicallly.
    There were a lot of cagers going from Idaho City to Lowman so that kinda sucked but on the way back, it was much more clear.

    On another note, there are a LOT of drivers burning up their brakes because they don't know enough to downshift while going downhill. The smell of burning brakes was getting old.