Lowman OCT 1

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  1. -Lowman Loop (backwards)
    -1030am THIS Sunday
    -Chevron on 55 on the way to horse shoe bend on the elbow of the right sweeper before the golf course
    - pit stop for gas in garden valley for the 1000cc+ gas guzzlers
    - pit stop for ice cream in idaho city on the way down
    - end at Chevron on Gowen by outlet malls
    EVERY and ANY one is very welcome.
    so far 250cc ninja up to busa's are going already.

    any questions can go to www.myspace.com/nightriderid

    I won't be attending, and i'm not sure about 1ce but i said i'd spread the word~
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    I'm not sure yet on the Sunday ride. I'm planning to ride Saturday (I guess we should all formalize that too) but if I can squeeze in an extra day, you'd better believe I will.

  3. My neighbor is sayin Sunday I heard Saturday anyone know what day?
  4. Tanman

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    I think there is one on Saturday AND one on Sunday. Twice the fun.
  5. I can't go Sunday, so I'm going Saturday.
  6. I'll be going on this ride but not saturdays. This one sounds like a good mix of bikes. should be interesting!
  7. I will be there sunday.
  8. I decided to go mountain biking today so I am going to try and be there for Sunday. And I may continue up to Stanley and even Challis if I get crazy.

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    Does that mean that you are taking the FJR?
    I swung by the Chevron this morning on the Ascot to see who was going on todays ride (I had to work today...) and Goose, Hoz, and Nick were there. Goose got a phone call and had to bail on the ride :tantrum: but Nick and Hoz went anyway.

    I may stop by the jump off point tomorrow just to say "hi", but have a bunch of crap to do tomorrow afternoon :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: so won't be able to go on the ride. Sometimes life truly does suck...
  10. Naw I was on the FJR for 3 days straight last weekend over in and around Baker City, OR.

    Maaaan there are some fantastic roads out there. Anyway, time to do some sportbiking this weekend. But I reserve the right to switch bikes at the last moment. ;D

  11. good thing u add that disclaimer at the end :dblthumb:

    well it sounds like it should be a good turn out. This will prob be one of the last warm rides, so ive gotta take it!!
  12. I have my last day at that Idaho star training is on sunday, Hopefully next weekend will be nice to get a ride in...
  13. Guys missed out on an awesome ride! When i arrived at the gas station there were over 20 bikes! It was a mix of street bikes, croachrockets, harleys, tour bikes, and even a KTM. The "slower bikes" left about 5 minutes before we did but our group had about 8 people in it. And funny (cool) thing was, of those 10, 4 of them were chicks! ;D

    Weather was good, little smoky after banks, but nothing serious. We arrived at Lowman and wait for the rest of the group to arrve. 20 minutes later they arrive to find out that 3 bikes went down! Well kind of, one guy went down on his 06 CBR RR about 3 miles b4 lowman. As some bikers were helping him up, a harley cruiser came around the corner and lost it and slammed into one of the parked bikes... :eek:wned:

    The parked bike just had some little scrapes and the harley had a broken blinker with other scratches.
    All riders were fine, but the guy with the cbr says that hes done riding. He was talking about getting rid of his bike. The bike just had cosmedic damage. otherwise in perfect condition.
    Pics will b posted soon
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    I'm not so sure that a great ride involves two crashes (or even one - from my experience) but I'm glad you had fun.
    I'd be trying to get info on the 06 CBR as a project if I had any money left.
  15. Well i personally had a great ride. I pushed myself pretty hard threw the twists and worked on my form. And u'd b proud hoz, i actually lead the group and i had a K6 gsxr 600 on my ass most of the time but a couple times he said that he wasnt able to keep up threw some turns. After finding out that someone wreck, kinda made me regret pushing myself but it ended well for me.

    Thats why i mentioned that he wants to get rid of it, but now u dont need a stunt bike, u got a dirt bike!
  16. I was actually there but I went on ahead alone since I didn't know anyone and there were way too many people for my tastes - been there, done that, and it get too weird when there is a big group. I prefer groups of two to seven or so.

    I was at the Lowman lodge when a whole group pulled up. I was on a red GSX-R. Anyone see me? Anyone see the guy on the Buell wheelie up the road? That was pretty cool.

  17. O yeah I remember seeing you parked right in front of the doors at the lodge. I didn't know it was you!
  18. Oh well we have not yet met so we didn't know. ;D

    When I first got to the gas station I was trying to find some BoiseRiders but nobody had heard of us. No biggie. I had a good ride.

  19. just look for the Boise Riders.net logo on some of the bikes. Dave is trying to get them out to evey one..
  20. Ive got mine....on my desk :withstupid: but i'll get it on someday :slap2:...Maybe thatd help us reconize eachother lol