Lowman loop today sep 24 @1:45

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Bungeeguy, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Sorry for the short notice but a couple of us are riding today. We will stop in Eagle at the chevron station at the bottom of the hill, just before shadow valley golf course at 1:45-2:00 to see if any one wants to ride with.
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    Sorry Chris, the Niners are on at 2:00. Go NINERS!!! :clap

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    Crud, I saw this too late to go.
    Oh wait, I couldn't go anyway!!! My pipe is currentlylaying on my work bench while the JB Weld dries and after that, I've still gotta rig up some tail lighting with my race tail before my bike hits the street again. Yeah, you read the right: JB Weld!!! Its a temporary fix until I can find a good deal on a replacement pipe.
  4. I went up to Idaho city today with a new guy from work. About 10 miles north of IC, he decides to high-side and break his collar bone. Bike isn't too bad, will need new mirrors and tank, but he's going to be hating life for 4-6 weeks...

    I should've waited and rolled with you guys.
  5. The ride was great!! no broken bikes or bones and the weather was really good. If the weather is good next weekend I might try for another sunday ride, Saturday is out because it is the last street race at firebird so I am going to try to get that in.
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    I'm hoping to make another Lowman ride next weekend as well so post up when you're going.