Lowman loop sunday august 6th

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  1. A couple of us will be doing the loop running from banks to Idaho city tommorrow, anyone is welcome to join. Meeting at the Eagle Albertsons at 11:00. :dblthumb:
  2. Watch your butt; the cops watch that stretch close,( between banks and garden vally) that is where I got my lovly $179 speeding ticket..

    OH JOY.

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    They have also chip sealed that stretch of road recently so be extra careful regarding traction and following distance.

    I'm on call at work and can't be more than a half hour away from responding so I'm out this week but thank you for posting up.

    Oh yeah, :welcome: to BRN!!
  4. I can't remember where the thread is on the road from Banks to Lowman but a friend just came back that way from camping in his cage yesterday and:

    Yes they are chip sealing it and it is about 75% completed. Give it at least a few more weeks before riding it.

    He rides and that's his report.

    I don't think you want to go that way. You might consider an up and back via Idaho City. I am looking at what kind of shape Hell's Canyon is in because I wanted to head down there this morning and maybe over to Baker.