Lowman- 8am 09-04

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  1. Well... I know its waaaaaay late notice, but I'm going to Lowman tomorrow morning. I'm planning on meeting a friend at 8am at the Alberstons on Eagle and McMillan and then riding up through Idaho City and back down the same way. I'd like to be able to beat traffic coming back down... but I realize that's going to be impossible tomorrow.

    I'll check here in the morning, post up if you want us to meet you at the Federal Way Albertsons, if not, we'll just head up to the mountain.

    I checked the transportation website as well and didn't see road closures through there. We won't go through Garden Valley/Banks due to the fires. We should be back in town by noon/1pm-ish, depending on traffic.
  2. Well damn, wish I would have seen this, I'm sitting here getting ready to leave for LOWMAN! ;D

    It's 7:50. I won't be able to catch you guys. ::)

    Acutally I just read your leaving from Eagle, maybe I can catch you guys since I'm over by the airport...got one Sidi on...whoops, I fall down...

    Look for a red/black 06 GSX-R1K, black leathers


  3. Great riding XLR8. Your radar definitely came in handy on the way back down with the traffic. It was a good ride, I'm glad we got up to Lowman before people started motoring around in their cages.

    Oh and BTW, I thought someone said you lived or thought you lived near me. Hoz was saying the other day that you told him there was a guy (an Asian guy no less) that also has a 750 in the same colors... hmm... I live in Hobble Creek on Eagle and Chinden. I meant to ask you at Idaho City... but I have ADD.
  4. That was fun guys!

    Yea the LEOs and campers are coming out thick now I imagine. I think we beat most of it. :dblthumb:

    There is a guy in my subdivision who has a bike just like yours and yes, he is an asian dude. So the other day I was asking Hozhead about it while we were all at the gas station. Strange huh? Because it's not you. I live off Maple Grove between Victory and Overland.

  5. Sorry i couldn't make it, but 3 day weekend....no work...no school...means no wake up early. :slap2:
  6. Wake up early :laughing:
    You work at 1pm!! Come on man!
  7. Lol true but I got school in the morning before work.

    Heres the video of us practicing some wheelies. Just got done uploading (took a couple hours, 100mb) but check it out. Might have to wait an other hour or so till they approve it or whatever it is they do...

  8. Nick that was a great ride and the radar came in nice on the way home. We need to get a group and do it again.
  9. Yep about two more months or so before water starts freezing on the corners up there. Sheesh where did the summer go?

    Also, my friend rode Banks to Lowman yesterday and said the road wasn't too bad now. They were riding two up on his FZ1 though so I'm not sure what "not too bad" would equate to on a sportbike.

    Traffic should really die down up there now though it should be nice.

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    I'm glad to hear that you guys put the holiday to good use while I was away. It also looks like you guys have been bringing more members to the site on your rides. That's absolutely awesome!! The more members we have, the easier it is to schedule a group ride or to get help/advice. Plus, its more fun to BS with more people. :neener:
  11. That was a great ride. When are we doing this again? Anybody?
  12. Also, since its darker a lot sooner, we could always go to Emmett and along the resivoir and back through Horseshoe Bend. That's a good hour on the bike. Hour and a half if we b/s at HSB.
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    I'm usually down for that ride. Its a good casual ride that everyone can handle and the scenery is much better than riding around in town.
    I will, of course, have to coordinate with my on-call duties at work though.
  14. I'm free Saturday morning for another Jaunt. Anyone want to go back up into the mountains?

    Also, I heard from this guy that knows this other guy, that knows someone that did the McCall ride with you guys and he said you guys were doing like 140Mph trhough New Meadows! :squid:

    And I missed that? :laughing:
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    Ahem...try 160+
  16. Good Stuff. I Really Needing to go for another ride :withstupid: