Looking for Mountain Home Riders

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  1. Anyone here ride out of Mountain Home? I can ride most any trail, but I don't always do it pinned in 5th. Just looking for a group to show me access to the trails closer than driving to Boise.
  2. Interrested in a Bruneau or Jarbridge trip? Maybe come back up Castleford and hit old Highway 30, up to PIne, Over to Prairie?

  3. Sounds fun. I'm not familiar with any of those. I've got a dirt tire on, can you make that trip mostly on trails, or are the roads at least dirt roads?
  4. I think I'm going to see how the trails are in the Danskins now that they are open. I would say my skill level is intermediate+/advanced for two track/atv, I will attempt some mild single track if the terrain isn't difficult. I need a new rear tire so that might limit me even more. I was thinking Sunday, 12noon at the Three Point Mountain staging area. Come join if you want! Might have one or two other riders, they are undecided. I'm on a white Dr650.

  5. Darn it... didn't see this post in time. I am up for Danskin ride any time you go again. Unfortunately my weekends are mostly reserved this month, but I could do a Sunday afternoon ride if you go again.
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  6. We'll try to ride Idaho city this sunday... We'll start early, leave boise at 9 am... Did thorn creek last week. It was great. Still couldn't go really high due to snow but it was good. No dust. Prime dirt.
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  7. Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I can't make it that early.
  8. Hope you guys have a blast. I've made it a goal this year to make it to Idaho City.
  9. Blast....I'd say!

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