Lookin for leathers?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by idgsxr1k, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. I found a guy on ebay with just about any leathers you want who is making some pretty good deals. His name is flyin Brian. I think I just bought a perf Alpinestars 1 piece blue black and white 06 model with pucks for $525 if your in the market check him out!
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    SWEET, maybe July 24th @ MMP is in your future then!!

  3. No July 4th LAguna Seca is in my future. But hopefully soon after I get back!
  4. My new leathers should be here Friday. found these for $400 with matching Gp gloves.
  5. Nice man ... Where did you find them for that price
  6. E-Bay, I am lookin at a set of sidi vert boots right now not much time left and they are only 50 bucks
  7. If you want great prices on leathers, and brand new product, visit MOTOONE. They are a local company, and they are sponsoring Idaho Sportbikes.

  8. Good plug! :dblthumb: I will get down there for some of the other things I need.