Local rider attempts to elude and ditches bike (April 12)

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    Just saw this on the Statesman site and was pretty shocked. Apparently, someone was a bit speed happy on Victory tonight and when spotted by the :police: they took off. Thankfully, there wasn't a wreck but the rider did abandon the bike and take off on foot. Unless it was a stollen bike, they're gonna be in custody soon when the plate is checked. If it is stolen, someone needs to find the thief and kick him in the nuts.


  2. Sad thing is this is what people think of when they picture motorcycle riders. One bad apple spoils the something something. :slap:

  3. Gee This is such a lagre town, with so many sportbikes,..... I think I'll run......DOH!

    Guy could have gotten away with just a ticket, now... Well se ya :squid:

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for a-holes like that. Mostly because it makes the cops look at all sportbike as Dumbasses.

    Expect a backlash this summer as more idiot's test the stright line capacities of their new bikes :banghead:
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    Here's another observation...

    The report states 150 MPH on a Yamaha. That means it has to be an R1 because the R6, FZ-6 and FZ-1 (it may be an R1 motor but its tuned and geared different) aren't capable of that speed. I highly doubt they would have called an FZ-6 or an FZ-1 a "racing motorcycle" either. An FJR1300 may get to 150 but it wouldn't be called a racing bike either and who tries to elude on a sport touring bike anyway?

    When the release the riders name and more details, if they say its an R6 and stick to 150MPH, we'll know there is some exaggeration going on. An R6 may go fast enough to say 150 on the speedo but that will be very close to the top speed. If you include speedo error, they would still only be doing 135MPH.
    135MPH down Victory Rd is as much a bad idea as 150MPH but I'd like the report/charges to be within the realm of possibilities.
  5. ummm.... What does speedo error have to do with this??

    R6 or R1 could be either, I just know it wasn't an sv ;D

    I'm pretty sure that and R6 topped out at this elevation would still be 150+, but R1 is the more likely (or it could even be an old "THUNDER ACE" :rofl:)
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    I'm saying that an R6 is not capably of 150+ MPH

    The speedometer may say 150+ MPH but if the police check with radar, they'll find the bike is definately not going that fast.
  7. An r6 will do at least 145-150. I seem to remember them topping out at 154-158 or something.

    So,... even at this altitude 140+ is very possible
  8. A 06 R6 can easily do 150. :)

    FWIW, The top speed on paper of my FJR1300 is 153 but I've only been to 130 and it was still pulling hard. It actually hauls ass and is faster 0-60 than the R1.

    Now...the GSX-R heh heh, well, maybe I need to go hang out on Victory Rd. :)
  9. At SRP I was able to hit 168 on the back stretch before puckering for turn one then two. That was on a 01 R1.... my new one is much faster and I bet I could hit it's max speed on the straight. 150..... while interesting.. can be had easily and without drama between broadway an gowen on I84.
  10. they will never say what type of bike it is, it will only be a Yamaha doing XXX amount of speed, the news do not care what kind of Yamaha, I'll bet you will never see "06 Yanaha R1 was seen doing 150+ MPH down Broadway today"
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    I know of 'someone' who hit 151 indicated on Gowen about 2 months ago but it only equates to about 135 when allowing for speedo-error.

    I hear he has a speedo-healer on the way though so we'll know more then. :devil:
  12. you dont want to know what he did last week
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    :rofl: We're talking about a different 'someone', the 'someone' I'm talking about was with the 'someone' you're talking about when he hit 151 indicated though.
  14. Wait a minute so "Who's on first, and whats on secound?" ;D
  15. you guys aren't talking about me are you... :devil: if you are not i have a healer coming and i am excited to see how fast it goes.
  16. He's on first, she at home, and will not let him get to third.. this is why I like basketball it's in or it's not . ;D
  17. Im not sure who "someone" is but will th real slim shady please stand up? :laughing: