Lightning sparks fires (including Bogus Basin Rd) on July 2nd / 3rd

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    There were quite a few fires on Sunday night and Monday morning from the lightning storm on July 2nd. Among the many places to catch fire was Bogus Basin Rd. This means there is going to be additional debris on the road both from the fire and from the firetrucks driving on the edges and hosing down the hillside.

    Be careful up there folks!! And when someone has ridden or driving (or pedaled like XLR8), please post up a road report.

    "One fire, about 20 to 30 acres, was reported in the Shingle Creek area off Bogus Basin Road but was burning on a slope that was too steep to send crews in, Hanneman said. Gardetto said the BLM was watching the fire to make sure it didn't flare up."
  2. Yeah, this was pretty close to my place! AHHHHHH :devil:

  3. I was just up there and the road is fine. There's a little sand from the rain, but no worries from the fires.