Let's hear about your mods!!!

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    Since everyone seems to spend plenty of time and $$ doing mods on their bike, its time to brag about it. Tell us what makes YOUR bike special and what it took to accomplish.

    I'll get it started:

    2002 CBR600F4i
    Purchased stock except for a Two-Brothers Carbon Fiber (CF) Slip-On exhaust.

    My Mods:
    Double Bubble Windscreen (Zero Gravity)
    --- This help the looks and ride comfort greatly.
    Short stalk turn signals
    --- Because no one likes stock signals
    Fender eliminator kit
    --- This was actually on the bike already but I made it much better.
    Frame Sliders from OES Accessories
    --- I've dropped my bike in the garage a couple times and once at an intersection. Frame sliders are invaluable!
    --- WELL Worth the $37 (http://oesaccessories.com/)
    Grips - cushy and soft
    --- I've actually got dirt bike grips on it. This idea was the best piece of information I've ever received from Carl's Cycles.
    600RR Swingarm with 1000RR rear shock
    --- Not your everyday mod! I had to fab tools and do a bit of fab work on the bike as well.
    Swingarm spools/slider (OES Accessories)
    --- Another benefit of the 600RR swingarm and a big help with the rear stand.
    Pazzo Racing Levers
    --- The shorty levers and easy adjustment are a significant improvment over stock for both function and appearance.
    Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Galfer - red)
    --- DAMN did these increase the stopping power and lever feedback.
    HH Break Pad
    --- Even without the steel lines, these helped the stopping power.
    Power Commander (3 USB)
    K&N Air Filter
    520 chain conversion (DID) with +2 on the back sprocket
    --- I got a great deal on the sprockets (saved about 20%) from R1-Superstar here on the forum
  2. I bought an 03 gsxr ik from the dealer and put a pink and whit basket on the front for my library books, a clown horn on the bars,along with pink bar ends with tassels that whistle in the breeze, and a banana seat with heart shaped sissy bar :rofl:

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    Its true. He still has the pink bolts on it from that basket. :neener:
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    Puig dark smoke double bubble
    LP rear slider spools
    Vortex frame sliders
    Pro Grip tank guard

    That's it other than the aftermarket rocks and bugs on the bike.
  5. I removed the space ship from the tail section of my bike.
    Pazzo shorties

    I guess I modded my 05 to an 06 or something. =/
  6. Um ya...my $2 dollar home made eliminator kit........thinking about putting some pink tassels on mine too. :hail:
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    You DID have a well modded '05. The trick of turning an '05 into an '06 is pretty damn impressive though. :dblthumb:
  8. :rofl:
    dont forget the baseball card in the spokes to make that cool sound as it flaps through them
  9. Tanman

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    Oh yeah I did the same eliminator mod for $2 also (Lowe's L-brackets).
  10. Nothing really street like...

    06 AE R6 (2nd one)

    Clear Alt taillight w/interated blinkers
    Front flush mount blinkers

    High-Concept cut sliders and clutch slider www.high-concept.com
    GP Shift patern
    Catalyst race bodywork
    DID ERV3 520 chain, AFAM sprockets -1/+2 gearing
    XT Ultra-Lap Laptimer