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  1. Gr34t l33tN3$$?
    iT 41n't s0 7rIckY.

    l33t sP33k is U8er keWl 4nD eA5y wehn u 7hink 1t tHr0uGh.
    1f u w4nn4be UB3R-l33t u d3f1n1t3lY w4nt in 0n a b4d4sS h4xX0r1ng s1tE!!! ;p
    w4r3Z c0ll3cT10n2 r 7eh l3Et3r!

    Qu4k3 cL4nS r 7eh bE5t tH1ng 1n teh 3nTIr3 w0rlD!!!
    g4m3s wh3r3 u g3t to 5h00t ppl r 70tAl1_y w1cK1d!!
    I'M teh fr4GM4stEr aN I'lL t0t41_1Ly wIpE teh phr34k1ng fL00r ***j3d1 5tYlE***
    wItH y0uR h1dE!!!! L0L0L0L!
    t3lEphR4gG1nG l4m3rs wit mY m8tes r34lLy k1kK$ A$$

    l33t hAxX0r$ CrE4t3 u8er- k3wL 5tUff lIkE n34t pR0gR4mm1nG lAnguidGe$...
    s0m3tIm3$ teh l4nGu4gES l00k jUst l1k3 rE41_ 0neS 7o mAkE ppl Th1nk th3y'r3
    ju$t n0rMal lEE7 5pEEk but th3y're 5ecRetLy c0dE!!!!
    n080DY unDer5tAnD$ l33t SpEaK 4p4rT fr0m j3d1!!!!!
    50mE kId 0n A me$$4gEb04rD m1ghT 8E a r0xX0r1nG hAxX0r wH0 w4nT2 t0 bR34k
    5tuFf, 0r mAyb3 ju5t sh0w 7eh wAy5 l33t ppl cAn 8E m0re lIkE y0d4!!!
    hE i5 teh u8ER!!!!
    1t m1ght 8E 5omE v1rus 0r a Pl4ySt4tI0n ch34t c0dE.
    1t 3v3n MiTe jUs7 s4y "H3LL0 W0RLD!!!" u ju5t cAn'T gu3s5.
    tH3r3's n3v3r anY p0iNt l00KiNg sC3pT1c4l c0s th4t, be1_1Ev3 iT 0r n0t, 1s
    whAt th1s 1s!!!!!


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    How's this:

    great leetne$$?
    it ain't so tricky.

    leet speek is uber kewl and easy wehn u think it through.
    if u wannabe uber-leet u definitely want in on a badass haxxoring site!!! ;p
    warez c0ll3ct10n2 r 7eh l3et3r!

    qu4k3 cl4ns r 7eh be5t th1ng 1n teh 3ntir3 w0rld!!!
    g4m3s wh3r3 u g3t to 5h00t ppl r 70tal1_y w1ck1d!!
    i'm teh fr4gm4ster an i'll t0t41_1ly wipe teh phr34k1ng fl00r ***j3d1 5tyle***
    with y0ur h1de!!!! l0l0l0l!
    t3lephr4gg1ng l4m3rs wit my m8tes r34lly k1kk$ a$$

    l33t haxx0r$ cre4t3 u8er- k3wl 5tuff like n34t pr0gr4mm1ng languidge$...
    s0m3tim3$ teh l4ngu4ges l00k just l1k3 re41_ 0nes 7o make ppl th1nk th3y'r3
    ju$t n0rmal lee7 5peek but th3y're 5ecretly c0de!!!!
    n080dy under5tand$ l33t speak 4p4rt fr0m j3d1!!!!!
    50me kid 0n a me$$4geb04rd m1ght 8e a r0xx0r1ng haxx0r wh0 w4nt2 t0 br34k
    5tuff, 0r mayb3 ju5t sh0w 7eh way5 l33t ppl can 8e m0re like y0d4!!!
    he i5 teh u8er!!!!
    1t m1ght 8e 5ome v1rus 0r a pl4yst4ti0n ch34t c0de.
    1t 3v3n mite jus7 s4y "h3ll0 w0rld!!!" u ju5t can't gu3s5.
    th3r3's n3v3r any p0int l00king sc3pt1c4l c0s th4t, be1_1ev3 it 0r n0t, 1s
    what th1s 1s!!!!!

  3. Here we go.

    Great leetness?
    it ain't so tricky.

    leet speek is uber kewl and easy when you think it through.
    If you wanna be uber-leet you definately want in on a badass hacking site!!!!
    warez collections are the leeter!

    quake clans are the best thing in the entire world!!!
    games where you get to shoot people are totally wicked!!
    I'm the fragmaster and i'll totally whipe the freaking floor ***jedi style*** with your hide!!!! LOL
    telephragging lamers with my mates really kicks ass (lol, i remember telefragging people).

    leet hackers create uber cool stuff like neat programing languages...
    sometimes the languages look like real ones to make people think they're just normal leet speak but they're really secret code!!!!
    Nobody understands leet speak apart from jedi!!!!
    some kid on a messageboard might be a rocking hacker who wants to break stuff, or maybe just show the was leet people can be more like yoda!!!
    he is the uber!!!
    it might be some virus or a playstation cheat code.
    it even mite just say "hello WORLD!!!" you just cant guess.
    there's never any point looking sceptical because that, believe it or not is what this is!!!!!

    Suckers! LOL.

    OK, that was 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
  4. OK sorry I had to smite you for that :devil:
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  7. i don't leet speak pero puedo hablar por lo menos en otro ideoma y si mi entendes ya tenemos otro forma de hablarnos entre si, la otra jente sabra nada de lo que decimos.
  8. Tanman

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    Let's see how my spanish is (I flunked spanish in Jr High School)..
    "but I can at least speak another language and if you understand me and can speak another language, the other people can't understand anything we say." How's that for never passing spanish? :finger:
  9. I still have toubling speaking and writing english, No gibberish for me thanks!
  10. that's good enough lol :google
  11. ?De verdad? Lo siento t? haga no espa?ol. Soy ne la clase hispano.
  12. Tanman

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    Google nada! Yo falo Portuguesa!
  13. How bout this? Dos cervesas mas fina por favor! Donda esta el banyo?
  14. haaa! si mexico va a ganar la copa mundial!
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    Ich nicht verstehen..