Lean that thing

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Cider, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Check out this lean angle:
  2. that is an amazing tire! Contact patch in that corner looks to be the edge of rim!

  3. Well...all I have to say is.....HOLY CRAP!!!! :hail:
  4. well hello...spikes must be spikes in the rim
  5. I've done that

    of course I was lowsiding at the time :neener:
  6. ouch just as long as the pic wasn't being shot when you posed for the camera and went too low
  7. HMMM he has good postioning on that bike
  8. No he has either sold his soul to the :devil: or he is christ himself to make that bike hold a line on the edge of the rim like that!
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    There are certain things that tires developed for a specific bike on a specific track can do that off the rack street tires will never do.

    I'm glad the tire manufacturers spend so much developing those GP tires though. Tires are a case where GP technology REALLY makes it to the street; much more so than a lot of the bike technology.
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    I see you've been post whoring in order to get past the "Holzer" ranking.... shame on you! :angry7