Lane Splitting - OFFICIALLY Illegal in Idaho

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    I often wondered about the legality of lane splitting in Idaho as the motorcycle riders manual issued by the State of Idaho states only to "discourage others from lane splitting."
    It looks like others have wondered the same thing and someone wrote a letter to KTVB news asking about it. KTVB contacted the Idaho State Police who confirmed that lane splitting is, indeed, illegal in Idaho.

    May 25, 2006

    Dear Road Wizard: I have read Idaho's Motorcycle Operator's Manual and cannot find where it says that lane splitting is illegal. Can you clarify: is lane splitting lawful or unlawful in Idaho? B.P.@

    For those who drive in "cages" and don't know, lane splitting, also called "lane-sharing" and "white lining," is the practice of driving one's motorcycle between two lanes of traffic along the white skip-stripe separating the lanes.

    It's a way to make progress when traffic has reached crawl or stall conditions. Space between the idling cars beckons the cyclist forward to help reduce total congestion by one machine.

    Lane splitting is allowed in California under certain conditions. Elsewhere, its legal status is negative or ambiguous, prompting motorcyclists to organize and make it legal. The Idaho manual ( is based on text produced by the national Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Idaho publishes it, but hasn't customized the section on lane splitting (page 17). It offers generic cautions, such as "Cars and motorcycles need a full lane to operate safely" and "Discourage lane sharing by others."

    The Idaho State Police say, "We consider lane splitting illegal." Boom. Not ambiguous. They cite Idaho Code 49-637, which says, "A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane..." If an officer sees the cyclist as "reckless," that citation is available, too.
  2. so what are you saying? I cant ride the double yellow line any more? :banghead:

  3. Damn the man :finger: :police:
  4. hold on,,, now your going to tell me that going over 100 is illegal too.
  5. No thats just good fun!!
  6. its only illegal if you get caught, (not that I have ever done it)

  7. I wouldnt go that far.
  8. Well i will give the officer a chance to pull me over but he will have to follow me through the white line lane to get to me. :police: :finger:
  9. Just curious, has there been any marginally sized group in ID that has thought of writing to attempt at legalizing splitting?
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    Why do that. takes all the fun out of it then. :squid: :laughing:
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    This sounds like a job for that great organization who says they help with rider's rights. AMA
  12. Well, just a thought although after I'm done down here I'll be more prone to doing it up there...
  13. For those who have done it, have you ever had anyone open a door on you? Ive had people throw food at me, but no doors opened yet
  14. I've never heard of that actually happening. Who wants a 400lb motorcycle in their lap?
  15. I wasn't sure if it was actually illegal in this state, thanks for the clarification.
  16. any of you actually tried to open your car or truck door while moving 60-70mph down the free way.....i'm just curious how well one could actually do this with the wind sure its possible but i doubt it would be quick enough to pick off a motorcycle......yeah, i can see it possible while in the city moving at much slower speeds.......but then again you have to go back to the....who the hell wants 400lb bike plus another 100-200 lbs rider in their lap........especially knowing that they are potentially going to be brought up on attempted manslaughter charges.............. :dunno:
  17. :exactly: :rofl: :nutkick: :dblthumb: :thanks:
  18. My last ticket was in 2001, for "improper lane use". I lane split on Cole because all the car in front of me were turning right, so I split them to the front. The 2 officers disagreed, and the judge backed them. $49 lesson I think...
  19. Grew up in CA doing it. Never had an incident of any kind. BUT I was riding an XL500 with a SuperTrapp with 25 discs in it was like a Huey sneaking up on you...
  20. Other than sliding down the right side of a few cars when making a right turn at a red light, I did lane split out on the freeway one day when it was a parking lot for as far as I could see and the guy behind me was watching the car in front of me rather than me. I figured the ticket if caught would be better than being the middle of a car sandwich. Never did see a cop and no one bothered me but I did get a honk or two. Went all the way from Meridian to Nampa down the middle.