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  1. any turds in here live around Kuna. I see a few bikes around and was just wondering if was anyone in here. You may have seen me I have a blue naked SV, gray jacket and helmet. Always doing stoppies at every stop sign and wheelies by the police substation. :police:
  2. I got your turd hangin' pal.

  3. i enjoy wheelies neer barrister
  4. I like Kuna Mora for high speeds, stoppies, and the rear wheel!
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    We need to coordinate an good, off-beat area to practice wheelies and not get in trouble. We'll have to investigate the empty roads of the Kuna area more this year.
  6. I know a road that may work, there definately wouldnt be police issues. probably shouldnt post stuff like that on a semi public forum though.

    :police: :eek:wned:
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    We'd only do wheelies on private property with permission.
    And all top speeds are achieved on a closed course.
  8. I'll bring the cones!

    Sorry, this road is closed.........
  9. sounds like fun to me!!
  10. Hmm... wheelies... I haven't done a wheelie in a year or so and none on my new bike. It'd be cool to see if I could still pull them. ;D I'm not a turd from Kuna though...
  11. then you are just a turd :flipa