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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, May 10, 2006.

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    Yesterday, I took my bike to work but hadn't put the mirrors back on after riding on the track Sunday.

    Riding without mirrors was bothering me because I didn't know what the cagers around me were doing and I planned to put them back on when I got home.

    I was headed home from work and hoped on the end loop of the connector at Milwaukee. I dodged around a mini-van that was wandering between lanes at the on-ramp and headed for that beautiful left hander. I'm glad I looked around and notice an ISP :police: heading up the connector just behind me and to the left.
    At this point, I KNEW I would get pulled over because that's just how my luck goes. I was pretty sure he was behind me through the exit to go West on Overland but I didn't want to just crank my neck around to look and advertise that I couldn't see him in the mirrors I didn't have :eek:wned:

    As I got near the Lowes turn in, I just signaled for a right hand turn and decided to get it over with. He chirped his siren to let me know he was still there and then we both pulled over.

    He was a nice guy and was understanding about having forgotten to re-install the mirrors that morning so he just checked my license, registration and insurance and asked me to put the mirrors back on. He didn't hastle me about the missing left rear signal from my drop on Friday either.

    It turns out, he just got an SV-650s and enjoys riding himself. I'm sure glad not all of the officers think we're a bunch of hoodlums out there! :dblthumb:
  2. SVS, Thats a girls bike,......

    Wait did I say that or think that ,....DOH

    Is he gonna check out the site, we, noscratch that, you need a leo to ride with :neener:

  3. Dude you just said that aloud...tough for you man. :police: