Kawasaki unveils new 600 for 2007!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Sep 25, 2006.

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    Kawasaki Debuts 2007 ZX600R?New Chassis, New Engine


    Completely redesigned engine for the first time in ten years.
    - 40 mm narrower
    - 40 mm shorter

    Cassette type transmission.
    Slipper clutch.
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    This also seems to confirm that Kawasaki is moving away from offering both the ZX-6R (636) and ZX-6RR (600). It makes sense really since they were only selling the 600 in order to be legal for racing. With the new 600 putting out more power than the previous 636, there is no need for both and they may finally catch up in racing with a more focused development effort.

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    Motorcycle Daily has some good stuff here too:

    - Translation - put a shorty aftermarket exhaust with midpipe where the 'pre-chamber' is and you'll free up a lot of weight and increase the top end power quite a bit. Since we don't have emissions tests on motorcycles (and racers cetainly don't), you KNOW the mid-chamber is the catalytic converter that Kawasaki wants you to remove.

    Good to see them improve life for the racers. If this bike is winning races, they'll sell more to street riders and amature racers.


    So everyone is gonna have a gear indicator now I guess.

    Now that is nice!! Shims to help you get the ideal setup and extra swingarm travel to help keep the back wheel on the ground and usefull during hard braking - VERY nice for the track.

    I think I'll miss the orange though.
  4. +1 Like the flush mount signals but its in need of a tail tidy.. taking the scooter look to the limit!
  5. Mechanical changes= Bueno Styling changes= No Bueno
  6. Yes... that ass end on it rivals that of my own ass end. Rather large and out of place looking.
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    I actually kinda like the looks of the new bike. I do not, however, like the look of Nick's ass.
  8. Tanman

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    It's a decent looking bike especially the all black one but man that fender section is gay. The swingarm looks out-dated too. I guess I don't like the integrated front turn signals either. Other than that it's a nice looking bike.
  9. CBR King

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    yea i really like the red one
    also i like the ass end a lot better that nicks
  10. Wow... my ass got more comments than the fact/rumor that they are doing away with the 636 model. :clap
  11. :dblthumb:It just gets better every year! I can't wait to read new new shooutouts! This is going to be some intense fighting with all the manufacurers competing pretty heavily this year! .... I still think that new hond is gonna kick some ass for some reason... :popcorn:

  12. are you thinking you might go w/ it seeing how it has the slipper cluch
  13. i think its ugly but what do i know
  14. I think that if I changed brands not only would babies cry but so would chuck norris.