Kawasaki announces new Z1000 for 2007

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    Kawasaki Announces All-New Z1000 For 2007


    Kawasaki announced today that the Z1000 naked bike has been completely redesigned for 2007. Following the company's commitment to strive for class-leading performance in every category, the new Z1000 features a new, more powerful motor allied to a heavily upgraded chassis which appears to feature sportbike-quality components.

    Kawasaki's press release gives little detail regarding the new 1000cc motor, but according to our sources, the powerplant is derived from that of Kawasaki's ZX-10R superbike. Whether this motor is based on the powerplant from the current ZX-10R or that of its predecessor, we're not sure. What we do know is that the motor has been 'retuned' for more low-end power and torque. Unfortunately, in this class 'retuned' is usually a euphemism for 'detuned' - we hope Kawasaki can change that by bettering the ZX10R's low-end performance with the Z1000.

    Again, few details are available regarding the suspension, but the front forks appear to be similar to those found on Kawasaki's Ninja ZX-6R and ZX-10R sportbikes. The front brake calipers are radial-mount type, and clamp large wavy rotors, again similar to those found on the Ninja line.

    The redesigned chassis is aluminum and, at least from what we can tell, appears similar to the monocoque design Kawasaki has used on other recent models like its ZX-14 hyper-tourer.

    Of course, all-new styling is wrapped around all this new metal. The '07 model maintains some similarity to its predecessor (particularly in the small fairing/headlight unit and tailsection), while at the same time featuring small side shrouds that display a clear styling link to the full side fairings of the ZX-10R. The new dual-pipe, quad-outlet exhaust is likely to prove just as controversial as the four-muffler setup found on the original Z1000 - although, for those who fall on the negative side of the 'love it or hate it' equation, more conventional-looking aftermarket units will likely be available soon after the bike's release.

    Keep your eye on Motorcycle Daily to see a review of the 2007 Z1000 as soon as we can get our hands on one!
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    Aside from some fugly exhaust, its a great looking bike. I'm a fan of the current Z1000 and imagine that the '07 model will be a bigger hit thanks to a few technical upgrades. Of course, naked bikes aren't for the typical sport bike consumer so sales volumes will naturally be much lower than that of other liter bikes.

  3. I'm liking the MV Brutale esque headlight piece.
  4. Yeah, the exhaust is awful. I've always liked the idea of the Z1000, but never the looks. I think the ZRX looks so much better. However, I've been known to have bad taste.
  5. ya, so this is my first sport bike, and I was a little hesitant on the exhaust at first, but once it's out in the sun it looks pretty good. I would love to be able to afford some carbon instead, but at $900/ea. it's going to be a while. Anyways, it is a great bike. No problem, except keeping the speed limit.
  6. I gotta say I am with Clark on this one. I totally hated the look of the gold on-line and even when we went and saw the in Carl's showroom, but as soon as you see it going down the road outside on a sunny day you know why they did it. It looks blingin x10. Sweet bike Clark!
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    That's insane!