July 4th Ride - When & Where?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jul 3, 2006.

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    Okay folks. post up your ideas for a July 4th ride.

    Some of us have all day, some only have a few hours so, we may end up with two seperate groups with two totally different rides. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, that's why we want more members: there's always someone to ride with.

    Bogus is the standard quick ride. We'll have to check the road after last night's fires & fire extinquishing.
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    I might be down for an early ride on the 4th. Maybe 8am-ish to avaoid all the trucks pulling boats and picnicers? :dunno:

  3. I am open in the afternoon, or early am, Must be in front of a TV before 9am.

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  4. Riding on the 4th? You guys are nuts! The only place with no traffic will be the Honda shop, like usual...... :laughing:
  5. The roads should be clear enough in the late afternoon, when all the other drunks are ,....well getting drunk. Oh and eating burnt hotdogs

    I going to ride down to honda just for that,
  7. traffic depends what time you go...i'll be doin my best to wake up some campers between idaho city and lowman sometime around 6, and am sure it will be a most excellent time to ride.

    Happy independence day to all; make sure to take the time to be thankful for the freedom to ride; among other things....
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    My plans as they develop:

    I can't go anywhere until 9:30am
    Well, I can. I just won't be returning to a blissful home if I do.

    After 9:30am I'd like to do Lowman if it seems like the traffic is mellow (HA!!) or at least Bogus as a fall back.

    Riding Lowman on Saturday and Monday has got me itching to go again - if only I could go @ 7:30, I'd be set.
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    Re: July 4th Ride - When & Where? (Bogus @ 11am)

    Here's the plan for Pesticide, IDGSXR1K, myself and anyone else that wants to join.

    Bogus Basin.
    11:00am @ the Shelll station on Bogus Basin Rd.

    I'll bring a camera along and maybe we can get a few corner shots! :dblthumb:
    We'll probably be on that road from 11:00am to 1:00pm because of the pictures so, if you're worried about being late, just head up and find us.
  10. Hozhead

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    The "Best Ride of the Day Award" goes to 1ce for doing Bogus two up today.

    It was great to see you up there, Kevin!!
  11. I'd like to thank my fans for voting and wanting me to have this award, and my girlfriend, for hanging on the whole way up. We decided to kick it into neutral and coast the whole way down. The sad part is we were passing bikers and cars along the way.

    It was good to see you guys up there, but it was hot as hell.