July 3rd ride to Lowman & Back @ 6am?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jul 2, 2006.

I'd like to ride to Lowman and back starting @ 6am on July 3rd. How about you?

  1. Yes - its early enough to avoid traffic.

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  2. Maybe - if I can wake up.

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  3. Maybe - if it were a bit later.

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  4. No - I've got other plans that can't be changed.

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  5. No - I'm lame and don't like to ride.

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  1. Hozhead

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    Let me know what you think about a ride to Lowman & back through Idaho City starting @ 6am on July 3rd. I REALLY want to ride while I have the day off and I'd also like to avoid the traffic. If you want to ride but can't make it @ 6am, post up an alternate suggestion and we'll let the masses decide.

    If we do ride @ 6am, we'll meet @ the Flying J on Overland & Cole @ 6am. If some riders live closer to highway 21 and don't want to backtrack, we can set a second meeting place out by Federal Way & highway 21.
  2. Hoz, I'd be there but I'll be at work at 6am. I might be able to squeeze one out on the 4th... but I think most people will have plans that day.

  3. Dang, I'm not as fast as you guys but if I weren't working I'd be there.

  4. Hozhead

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    I just talked to Gr8Dane and it looks like he'll be able to make it. We're checking with AlxandrtheGr8 but doubt he'll be able to make it.
    IDGSXR1K is out golfing right now so we won't know his status for a while.
  5. Sorry played 36 holes and now Im ready for bed!! Cant make it tomorrow though I wish I could have to work!!
  6. Tanman

    Tanman Moderator

    I gotta be to work at 9 or else I'd be there too. I'll be off work early in case anyone wants to ride like around 3 or so.
  7. Hozhead

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    FYI - If its raining all night, we won't be going. If it stops soon, Gr8Dane and I will be waiting @ the Flying J on Overland & Cole @ 6am (give us 10 minutes though - he's usually running behind).
  8. Just remember, and I hate to sound like somebody's DAD here, but if it rains hard up there, it's going to wash sand across some of those tighter corners. It always does. Be careful guys.

  9. I am jealous as heel wish I didnt have to work tomorrow :tantrum:
  10. Me too! Even though I just did it today.

  11. Tuesday morning anyone?????? :dunno:
  12. Hozhead

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    Its now 5:30 and I'm getting ready. Looks like it will just be Gr8Dane and myself but we'll be waiting to see if anyone else shows up.

    As for Tuesday, you guys throw out what you'd like to do and we'll see what everyone is available for.
  13. I might be able to do a Tuesday morning ride, but 6am is too early for me. I can't afford to miss beauty sleep.
  14. Hozhead

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    Here's the official report:

    6:30am - Gr8Dane and I left the Flying J and headed out.
    ------ Next time, it will be 7:30 or later because we had some annoying glare around the corners because the sun wasn't high enough yet.

    7:15am - We left Idaho City for Lowman after killing a little time to let the sun rise more.
    ----- I led on the way there and Dane led on the way back.

    9:30am - We returned to Boise.
    ------ 3 hours including some chit chat in Lowman and a gas stop on the way back.
    ------ This is about the time I expected it to take.
    ------ I don't mind stoping to eat and stuff but this is the direct kind of ride that I prefer.

    The road still has the typical debris: rocks, pine cones, a little bit of dirt (more rocks than dirt).

    The road also had 4 dear on the way from Idaho City to Lowman (2 spots about 5 miles apart).
    The road had 1 dear on the way from Lowman back to Idaho City.

    No butterflies out this morning!! That was a big improvement from Saturday.

    In place of butterflies, we had birds. Not a good trade-off.
    I dodged one bird on the way to Lowman and Dane tagged one on the way back. It bounced nicely.

    Minimal traffic. We didn't have to pass anyone between Idaho City and Lowman in either direction.
    On our way back, there were bikes and cages heading over but it was still pretty mellow traffic.

    We saw a Sheriff headed to Idaho City on our way home. We weren't going very fast and he wasn't concerned so that worked out nicely.
  15. Really? No stopping for pictures or taking time to smell the roses? No chatting at a rest stop?

    What's the point of heading out on a beautiful morning? Sounds more like a business trip. Ick.

  16. I know it's last minute, but a friend and I are going to head up towards Lowman in about 30 minutes. We are starting out in Eagle, so anybody could catch up to us on Warm Springs road or something if you want to join. Give me a call on my cell at 412-3422.
  17. Hozhead

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    Tempting as all hell but I don't think my wife is gonna go for me taking a 3 hour ride twice in one day.
  18. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    I'm fine with chatting at a rest stop. We always stop in Lowman to BS for a bit and to stretch out. We usually make a stop in Idaho City every time we pass through. I just don't like waiting around forever. My favorite part of the ride is the riding. Gotta get out and enjoy those curves in the road!
    As for pictures, we've got a whole collection of pictures of bikes parked in Lowman. We need to setup in a corner sometime and let everyone go through a few times in order to get some sweet action shots.