It's that time!!!

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  1. So, if you look at the last time I was really active here you'll understand when I say that I've been away for a while. I am back and I am without Mortorcycle. I am on the market for something like an FZ6 or R1... Anyone that can please extend a finger to point me in the right direction.

    Lookin' foward to tearin' up some corners!!
  2. I have a 2008 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport. Not your typical inline 4 screamer but great handling. Most likely not what you are looking for but still a great bike for those of us who appreciate the Italian brands.

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  3. That is a beautiful looking bike. Question though. How well does it ride double? My daughter likes to ride with me and it's something I have to keep in mind.
  4. As good as or better than the sport bikes you wanted. ;)
    I have not ridden 2 up on it as my wife does not care to ride and I prefer to ride solo.
    Since moving out to Caldwell (and maybe getting a bit older/cautious) with 90% of the roads being straight to the horizon. I have become a cruiser guy. :(
    After trying a couple different bikes I have given up and will be getting a nice cruiser. Hopefully this one:
    Yea it's gotta be a Moto Guzzi.
  5. So, I would love to meet up with you at some point to talk business
  6. I work from home and am a fair weather rider so I won't be out riding (except for trials - no wind chill). Have a look at for some idea of the 1200 sport. I'll PM my email and phone number.