It's opening up!

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  1. Not yet as of the first. Been laid up with a back injury for a week now. Maybe. Head on up and report! With the warm weather you never know but doubt it.
  2. Its going to be a few weeks. I was in my sxs and started at Rocky Canyon, took the ridge road over and ran into some large drifts a mile-ish past Tollgate rd. We back tracked and tried to take Tollgate Rd and very quickly ran into a large drift. We once again back tracked an took Rocky Canyon, then onto Robbie Creek and headed to Crooked Summit. We road the far end of Eagleson and only made it a mile before running into snow. I busted up the drift as far as I could, but kept getting high centered on the skid with the wheels off the ground.

    I would imagine the top of Eagleson, near the Boise peak will have snow for a while. Due to the trees in that area and lack of sun it receives. I will probably try in a couple weeks on the YZ to see how far I can get.

  3. I tried to get over ClearCreek Summit on the dual sport about two weeks ago, no luck. I think someone might have made it through on a lighter bike a few days before, but no one had attempted recently.
  4. The last 3yrs the snow has been so bad, I'm not used to waiting this long to hit our mountain trails.
  5. We dropped tollgate 3 weeks ago and ran eagleson up to the left hander that heads south on the northeast aspect. Humpty to the creek and Daggett to the rut above the the creek. Funny, we ran E up and over in February last year. Twenty years ago you had to wait until May to do it, regularly.
  6. Ran E to cutoff and up h today. Cut a bunch out. Didn't have time for d. Take a saw.
  7. Is the whole length of Eagleson or Humpty do able?
  8. Yup. Cut it all open but one log on h. Take it easy on e, got surprised by some low hangers. Hand guards and chest protection highly recommended on h. You have to drop h from the southern spot. The steeper northern drop is blocked at the bottom, my next project.
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  9. Probably going to try d tomorrow.
  10. Little snow on top of g but it's all doable.