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  1. Nice route and vid John! I gotta get everyone else's obligations off my plate so I can get out and ride. Should start freeing up in the next week or two. I will keep an eye out for your next ride post.

    Took the woman and a friend up to Harris Creek Summit and down into Placerville on Easter. Still quite a bit of snow up high and patches down in the valley, great ride and nice lunch break for beers in the park in P'ville. Got me itchin' to get out on some big boy rides again! Might throw a new front tire on the bike and get some street/dirt tires mounted on my other set of rims for in town, save the knobbys for the good stuff.
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  2. It's over. Dusty and dry. Who's headed up high Sunday? Thinking Thorn or ?. Hungarian? What's happening above IC?

    Also, looking for 12-14X6-7' enclosed, if anyone is looking to sell one.
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  3. Me my buddy and maybe one other are heading up to Idaho city but not sure where to ride just going to wing it! Hopefully we are leaving boise around 9.
  4. Rode IC on Tuesday. Left the granite creek parking lot and went to just below the thorn creek lookout. Still enough snow in some shady spots to make it interesting. Mostly open though. Figured out that my new bike turns on the low fuel light at 30 miles!! Now I need a bigger tank
  5. John I'm game to head up to thorn creek on Sunday. Let me know if you want to meet up.
  6. Holy crap we've had some wet rides. IC Sunday, 8th today. Get it while it lasts! Tomorrow morning will be off the hook...wish I could do it.
  7. Eagleson cut-off today. Pushed a little but a gooder.
  8. That's awesome! You sumited eagleson! What tires do you run John? I cant do sh*t in the snow.
  9. I run the old, no longer available, mx71 rear and mx51 front in snow. To be honest, the conditions were perfect. Froze hard overnight and had 3" of chowder on top. Almost like riding dirt. 5 degrees warmer and it wouldn't have happened.
  10. Mx51 front is a collar bone breaker. I hated both mx51s that came in my bike. Unknowingly put them on the wife's ttr and it's all squirrelly now.
  11. I've got an mx51 rear that I'm mostly happy with, but I'm trying a Sedona MX887IT for the fronts of my bike and my fiance's TTR.

    Next is the Vee Rubber trials tire for my 19" rear.
  12. The 51 rear is garbage once the grove in the center lug is gone IMO. The 51 front is not a bad tire either. Just needs to be good conditions for it to work real well. Sad day when I found out the 71 was going away. Great all around tire that really shines busting drifts. You'll love the trials tire in summer. I run the perelli once it dries out.
  13. I'm even considering going to an 18" rear, but that's a lot of money for a 16 year old bike with a cracked case. If I did though, this is what I'd be getting.
  14. 18" is a good investment. If you send the 250 down the road there is a good used market for the 18" wheels. Problem with the 19 is (besides pinch flats) that it's hard to find trials tires in more than one skinny size. Interesting concept on the mountain Hybrid. Like to see some long term reports on it. Not a fan of any DOT tire I've tried. Wonder if the sidewall is stiff enough to ride out on. That's the only gripe I have with the Perelli, you HAVE to plan on changing a flat on the trail.
  15. Anyone want to rip it today?
  16. I've got a buddy who just put one on a 450x, so whenever we can get out we'll let you know...maybe you'll want to go when we can.
  17. I would but changing my tire, doing work on my fiances bike today. Saturday if it isn't too snowy or rainy.
  18. Tis the season! Been punching drifts on the back side for a week. Opening up quick. Anyone done Thorn yet?
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  19. What is Eagleson looking like? Is it do able