It's opening up!

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  1. Any word on humpty and daggett john? My back has been screwed up for two and a half weeks now. I can't ride and it's driving me nuts. I am going to hit it this Sunday pain or no pain damnit! Lol.
  2. I might try to shoot up 4/6 after work this week and scope out things from the ridge. Can keep ya posted along with John's intel :dblthumb:

  3. Missed this weekend after taking a branch to the shoulder sledding on Thursday but heard there is still a foot or so in the drifts on Humpty. Going to try it anyhow this weekend.
  4. Snow level question?

    Still being new a friend was asking if I wanted to go ride deadwood with him Saturday but was wondering about snow as he didn't know if there was any when I asked about it.
  5. It is technically open at Julie Creek as of 4/16, but I would pretty much guarantee you will hit snow in there this early, probably several feet. Not to mention downed trees with the heavy snow load we had this winter with the freeze thaw cycles. Not really worth the effort IMO this early in the season. Likely you won't be able to loop 19 and 20. If you get forced out there aren't many close alternatives to ride up there. All the trails climb up above the snow line, would be a lot of short in and out rides. Here's the link to the map for that area if you are interested:
  6. Thanks!

    I will let my friend know how it is likely to be out there and see what wen can come up with instead.

    Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!
  7. We rode Scott Mtn on sleds last Thursday...Still plenty of snow. Unloaded at 5500. Thorn to Greyback is probably a good bet now.
  8. We rode thorn to greyback last weekend. Still some drifts up high but we made it around. should be better this weekend
  9. Probably take a run up 4/6 and scope out Humpty from the top, maybe drop Tollgate and take a stab from below this weekend. Want to shoot out Grimes Creek and see if the road is open, heard there was a mudslide last fall and they left it closed.

    Hoping to take the little woman out Sunday for a bit, get her a few more hours on the TTR, not sure where yet. Maybe the Placerville/Centerville area.
  10. Sounds like a good plan. Wish I could join but used up all of my fun tickets today. Idahdoo (Brian) FORCED me to take his soft tail for a rip, did the Emmett loop. Got to rip the CVO Road King over Freezeout. HOLY CRAP! That 110 is fun! :dblthumb:
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  11. Looped 8th/Tollgate/E/RR/6/4/6/4. Awesome rip! Probably pushed a mile through the drifts to get to the top of E. Worth every step! H is not makeable yet, hit snow just past the creek from the bottom. Didn't have time to look at D. Soon...
  12. Awesome John! Sounds like a couple more weeks and it will all be doable! Thank you for the intel!
  13. Yep, for sure if it keeps raining. If I can get off the crutches by Sunday (looped out on 6 yesterday and got pinned under the bike, legs aint supposed to bend backwards!) we'll be stabbing D from the bottom. I think the cabin will be makeable by then...
  14. Awww dang! Sorry to hear about that. My back has been totally screwed up for almost 1 month, now it's getting better though. I'm seriously out of shape, so I think starting next week I'll be hitting 8th twice a week to get back into good form. (well for me anyway lol) I'm hoping to start Sunday if I keep feeling better so maybe I'll see you up there!
  15. Looks like 10ish tomorrow. Drop E and try D.
  16. 4/6/RR/E/CC/D to Kennedy/B to a mile from top/RC-CC to Rocky/up and out today. GIDDYUP!

    The rest of Saturdays ride is not fit for public consumption! :D
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