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  1. Loop-O-The Day!

    Up 8th to RR, drop 4 to 6 to 8th, back up to RR to Rocky to Robie to 1/3 of the way up Eagleson, back down to Mores and back on 21. Awesome loop! Doing it again on Friday but adding a stab at lower Daggett.

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  2. The rest...

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  3. awesome. i need to get out on the trails
  4. Nice. Next Saturday we are going to make a round trip to the Jordon Valley Craters.
  5. WOW!! Awesome Loop John!! thanks for the share!!
  6. John, Was there snow on the back side of Rocky Canyon? Going to blow out some cobwebs on Saturday.
  7. Icy. Probably would have been pushing it back up through the shaded, twisty north face. Only a mile or so was sketchy, the rest was good. Most of the snow is between 8th and just north of Tollgate, which looked impassable from the top. Trucks parked down on the CC side leads me to believe making it back up that side is out too. I'll check it out again today.

    If a guy doesn't like snow it's probably better to stay on the front side below the RR. No trees down on 6 but some snowy patches may keep most from going up from 8th.
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  8. Nice shots John! Let us know what you find out on your ride today! Been riding to work while me truck is out of commission, little cool in the mornings but nice riding weather during the day.
  9. Can't give a Rocky report other than it is icy between top-o-4 and RC. We spent the day in no-tell-em land. Crazy good rock hopping through the ponds. :dblthumb:
  10. Nice! Thanks for the report John! My wife and I will just screw around on 8th and some 4 I guess. Going to take a first timer with an xl250 so probably do some easy cheesy stuff. Can't wait to start hitting it hard again!
  11. 4 and 6 are loopable. Should be good weekend. Might see you up there.
  12. I'll be there Sunday at noon!
  13. Little exploratory mission. Mile and a half seemed to be the number today. Up 4 to RR, down Tollgate to CC, up CC to Humpty, 1.5 up to snow, to Eagleson, another 1.5, to Daggett, 1.5, CC to Tollgate up to RR and out on 4. If it wasn't for the snow up high late this week I'd say another 2=3 weeks before Daggett is loopable. Who knows....

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  14. Awesome John! Thanks for the report!
  15. BP&R was up "grooming" today. Two thumbs up! 4/6 are lookin' GOOD! Did most of the loop. Nice, loamy stuff to be had.
  16. Glad they are doing it now and not waiting until it is parched and 100 degrees like last year, turned the whole thing into poof dust.
  17. Sunday snowfest if anyones interested...
  18. John I'm heading up to thorn creek Sunday if you want to join
  19. IC? You unload there just past the Grimes turn-off? That might be pretty good...

    We (I!) were thinking about trying to drop Humpty...
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  20. Yes, turn up Thorn crk rd. I either unload at the gravel pit or more likely where the race course crosses.

    Went up last weekend and scouted it out on my Buell, looks good. Its almost 20 miles from thorn to greyback if you do the whole thing. pretty good ride.