IT'S OFFICIAL: 4th Annual Start of Season Meet & Greet

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by ShotGunBetty, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. OMG!! still making me cry from laughter... :rofl:

    :laughat: The Groper.. BWHAHAHAHA

    Gawd I love you Waldo! lol :rofl:
  2. Glad to hear it went so well was planning on attending thisbut had some staffing issues come up at work so had to earn some money instead.

  3. Waldo

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    Unless you are a 90 year old man and your nuts hang down by your knees, I NEVER CAME CLOSE
  4. 2wheelsdown

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    Holy Shit. Waldo giving reach arounds again!!!!
  5. BuellCru

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    Please excuse my sorry ass for not making it. I've been extremely busy which has made me very distant from everything going on. Hope to see you all soon on the roads.
  6. The left nut does hang low :laughing:! Your hand was nowhere near my knees bro, who gropes at peoples knees. Come on dude, admit you got a problem, it's o.k. :laughat: you like sexy, bald, tall, skinny men with flat asses! It's o.k., Groper! LMFAO!!!!
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  7. it's just the typical BRN version of: Where's Waldos Hand?
  8. Ooh ooh ooh I know the answer!!
  9. You can answer it, since I think I am disqualified for seeing it. LMAO
  10. Anyone putting together one of these for 2015? I missed last year's, but would like to meet everyone at some point...
  11. Happy New Riding Season everyone. I'd be up for something fun...
  12. ShotGunBetty

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    Organize it if you want it. Start a new thread. The guy that used to own legends doesn't anymore and I don't recommend it if you can find a better venue.