IT'S OFFICIAL: 4th Annual Start of Season Meet & Greet

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  1. Was cool meeting everyone. The ones I met that is, lol. Looking forward to some rides and getting to know some more of ya threw the year. Good Times!
  2. From what I saw, you were getting in real close with the crew.. LMFAO!!!


    Actually, I really must say, hats off to you tallan. I think you took that very well considering how it could have gone. But, gawd, I can't stop laughing about Waldo..... hahahahahaha bwahha
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  3. Damn it that's the secret handshake. Not supposed to show the new people the secret hand shake so soon.
  4. :dblthumb: Thanks Brotha! I'm bad with names, is Waldo the one that reached between my legs from behind - LOL - Nice to meet ya!? WTF! All good. Freak! Funny shit when he saw my face and I wasn't his buddy! LMAO!
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  5. Pictures courtesy of bunnyfoofoo.

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  7. She took some lessons from Jeffery.
  8. I thought maybe he forgot I shaved my goatie off, and I have been really lazy shaving my skull, and we don't look alike, you don't have enough meat on your bones for someone to confuse you for me.. ROFL, but we will let him go with that excuse for now. :liar

    At least you know you are welcome into the club, phuck I still can't stop laughing, brings tears to my eyes!!!

    Nice Pics Rico!! No proof that the F4i made it out of Q-Nah, or me for that matter. :neener:
  9. I think there is. Uno memento.
  10. Far right in the photo. Bam!! F ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362976144.586775.jpg inally got you!!!
  11. Had a good time today, it was good to hang out with everyone....Great pics as well :)
  12. the Fuzzy Grey Bike?? No No No.. Still no proof, that could have been anyone.. LMAO
  13. Waldo

    Waldo Moderator

    BIG THANK YOU to Beth for arranging all of this!!!!!!
  14. Yes, great job and thank you, we had a great time!
  15. Thanks for putting it all together. It was great meeting everyone and catching up with old friends as well.
  16. Apparently I spent too much time in the parking lot and forgot to meet a bunch of you...Whoops. However, I was able to witness the sexual assualt on Tallan.
  17. It assault only when one of the participants is nonconsensual.
  18. Tallan looked like a raped nun after the incident...he was shaking like michael J. Fox the rest of the night. I'm pretty sure he didn't consent. :eatpop:
  19. No I didn't consent to the from behind nut sack grab! Waldo "The Groper" is my new name for him! :laughing: