IT'S OFFICIAL: 4th Annual Start of Season Meet & Greet

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by ShotGunBetty, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I'm still planning to show up to this!
  2. ShotGunBetty

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    SE corner....there are tableson outside and a volleyball court....

  3. Is it going to be blocked off for us like last time?
  4. To bad its not summer... the volley ball court is, umm, fun in the summer. :angel:
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    Alex brought cones last time....
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    Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 2:00 AM. The clock is set to go forward 1 hour at that time.
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    See ya all around 2!!!
  8. Looking forward to meeting everyone, I might even clean myself up a little for this one :)
  9. I should be able to make it. Maybe I will see the rest of my make believe friends there too like The Kuna Gator, Snuffleupagus, and Gilreath.
  10. Found out too late...

    I didn't know about this forum until I saw a post on the STARS Facebook page. I don't think the hubs and I will be able to make it but I'm excited to find a local resource!
  11. Me too, looking forward to meeting everyone! Lol, I almost cut the long goatie off so people dont trip, but screw it this is me till summer. See everyone this afternoon. Cheers
  12. :laughing:
  13. Welcome! Lots of rides and meetups through out the year on here :woohoo:
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    Any one needs help or has questions can call or text 965-5454
  15. Uhm, so what time is it now? my phone shows 12:38, my PC shows 11:38, clock on kitchen wall shows 8:45 but that one is always wrong.... I am either going to be late, or early, my guess late if at all..... ;)

    Screw that, I aint getting cleaned up.... I am who I am and don't give a damn.. ROFLMFAO

    I need help!
  16. Ain't no helping you.
  17. This is true, but knowing is half the battle....
  18. so i got there a little late but still got to meet some people, it was cool
  19. ShotGunBetty

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    Yes I can vouch he does exist!! Good turn out thanks to all who showed sorry if I missed you on introductions but I hope people got to meet people thats the point of this! Welcome to the new faces there was quite a few and good to see some familiar faces also!! Big thanks to the STAR peeps too!!
  20. all three You Sucks were there too... LMAO :fiddy:

    That was a good turn out. I missed out on what STARS had to say, had to make it to cycle gear before they closed.. Should have just told Seth what I needed lol.

    Nice to meet all the newer peeps, and glad I got to see the familiar faces too.