IT'S OFFICIAL: 4th Annual Start of Season Meet & Greet

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    Here it is ... The 4th annual meet and greet!!!! -2013-
    :dblthumb:The last 3 years have been great and I hope to see that again!!!!!:dblthumb:
    Sunday, March 10th 2013
    2 to 6 p.m.

    7609 W. Overland
    Boise, ID 83709
    Legends is off Overland and Cole by Edwards Cinema

    On the TV:
    WSBK India Buddh Circuit

    For those that want the full schedule you can get it here

    Bring the family - All are welcome - come meet and eat!!
    Legends is BIG - room for sitting, room for parking, room for kids (arcade area) - Ride or Cage it doesn't matter..Just come and have fun!
    make new friends and hang out with old ones :dblthumb: adult beverages are available - start the season off on a good note :woohoo:

    Here is legends website check out the menu if you want - I think there food is pretty good;D

    :shuriken:I will be "Name Tagging" you all again MUAHAHAHAHAHA.....:devil2:

    I believe I CAN get permission for a few GAMES if anyone is interested in helping organize them let me know... like a burnout contest or??

    Disclaimer: By tradition 2013 was supposed to be a Saturday because last year was Sunday but that's what the poll was for -- poll says Sunday... no whining!
    (I can't believe I am still encouraging all you crazies):banghead:​
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    You can also go to the "Calendar" and set a "Reminder" to email you about this event before it happens - Click the " Request Reminder for this Event" in the upper right of the calendar event when you open it -- to see this even go to bottom right and "jump to" month and year.

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    bump.... For reminder and questions...and because I am bored....
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  5. Waldo

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    As long as the cosmic forces allow it, I will be there.
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    I'm in as long as I don't have a work trip or baseball tournament.
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  8. Hopefully it's sunny and warm! I'm new, so time to meet you moto freaks!
  9. halo wheelie

    that was a cool video, but ppl in this town ive never seen anyone ride wheelies anywhere except me?
  10. Holy shit you really need to go on a ride with us. 130 mph wheelies in traffic. At least that was the douches on GSXRs or was it the folk on Hondas. Hell I don't know. Someone here does wheelies. :dunno: But if you show up to this you might get to see a burn out in the bed of a truck.
  11. 130 wheelies... I remerber that ride.. \\//
  12. wheelies

    I ride wheelies all the time ,mostly 3rd gear standups! If you are not comfortable with them don't do it! Long ass wheelies are a lot of fun!

    Tito :)

    Ton Up
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    Wrong thread but....okay.:banghead:... wheelies are fun and many people here do partake in those activities....some dont appreciate those who do wheelies.:dunno:.which is totally fine..but i missed seeing wheelies this last season i guess im promoting it for this new season:devil2::eatpop:
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    Let me make sure i am following you here....
    Meet and greet itinerary:
    Burnout in truck.... I hope that happens again!!! :clap:clap
    Where is pimpit lately...he was pissed his title was a unicorn:dunno:
  15. Waldo

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    You forgot to talk about this one

  16. ShotGunBetty

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    Ohhhhhhhh sweeeeet we should totally do that!!!! Anyone got a pool?
  17. I shall come to this event! or as I like to say F. I. I. I.~~ Fuck it! I'm IN!
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