Its booked: Hotel for AMA races.

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, May 24, 2006.

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    Shane & The B-Lows,
    The hotel is booked.
    Baymont Inn & Suites (right next to the E-Center)

    I got 2 rooms for 2 nights (Friday & Sat night).
    It will cost us $70 each plus tax based on 4 people. With Bud there, one room will split 3 ways instead of two.

    You guys ready for the trip?
    Its gonna be a bit of a boring ride down but it will be cool to have a good size group (including BigityB & his crew) to make the trek with. It will also be a definately plus to have our bikes there so that we can watch professional racers on well tuned, highly modified bikes kick butt on a closed course right before we get back on the road and feel like a bunch of puds.
  2. now that you put it that way i am so excited

    i can't stop it feels so wonderful!!!!

  3. Maybe I'll pay to split with you guys if my friends dont get pissed off. Something about sleeping in someones lawn with a sleeping bag doesnt appeal to me.

    Brian, lets get a hotel room.

    OMG. I didnt say that.
  4. you didn't say i did lol

    Hey guys seriously no Reenactments of broke back mountain (ridders addition)
  5. Im stoked, thanks for taking care of the room. I will pay you as soon as I see you next!
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    Don't worry about paying until we get down there. I reserved it on my card but won't be charged until we get there.
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    Ha!! You totally want to get a room with a dude!!

    Sleeping on a lawn in a sleeping bag, eh? That doesn't appeal to me much either. I also figured that with a hotel room, there's less stuff I need to pack with me which means an easier ride.

    If you and BigityB want the hotel details, PM me. We can all be in the same place and have a much better time.
    The place I booked has quick freeway access and several restaurants within walking distance as well.
  8. I ahve a friend from work going down who could probably take a couple bags down with him in his truck if necessary
  9. I may be staying for the track day monday and trailering back with the idahosportbikes guys too. Not sure yet. Hope'n to find a good dyno tuner while im down there also.
  10. Big twin has a guy who can tune by dyno that is very good. I dont think I will be able to hang around for Monday as I have a bunch of projects to get back and finish before Laguna Seca.
  11. Do you know which guy? Will they let me be there while they tune? I dont want them to download a map, see that it is "decent" and call it good. I want a 30 run dyno tune. :dblthumb:
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    Get it dyno tuned at Big Twin.

    I could tell a difference in how my bike ran in SLC vs. Boise so you'll want to tune in the area you run most often.
    Of course, if you have a Power Commander and the extra cash, you can get it tuned in BOTH places and then have a map to load for each location.
    If I had the cash, that's the route I would go. I don't have the cash though so nevermind.

    We need to contact Big Twin and see about a group rate for dyno tuning.
    I want mine done as to AlxandrtheGr8 and Gr8Dane. I imagine that idgsxr1k want's his done too.
  13. Yea, lets set up a group thing. Ive about broke myself now... so not spending a ton is good. I dont want to run a second map down there yet. One for here is great. PC3 will be here tomorrow or friday.
  14. what time do we plan on leaving, is it 70 a piece for both nights or 1, is that for 2 people of 3,
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    The $70 is for both nights based on 2 people per room.
    With 3 per room, it gets a bit cheaper.
  16. That is cheap I like it!
  17. :eek:fftopic: I think I followed A-great down victory to orchard this morning, Are you wearing a new helmet this year? I didnt remember you having that much white?
  18. It was not me, but I did have a white jacket, but I do have a new jacket and helmet now